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18King Park - Parks and Rec Meeting tonight

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  • jeanine_strickland
    Jul 27, 2009
      Neighbors and Friends of King Park,

      Tonight the City of Berkeley Parks and Recreation Committee is having its regular monthly meeting, and one of the key topics is the allocation of Measure WW funds. Leslie and I have been showing up, asking for funding to supplement the grants and private funding we are currently seeking. However, it is very important to show that there is a significant number of interested and involved park users who are in support of improvements at King Park.

      If it is possible for you to attend the meeting tonight and briefly state during the public comment period that you are a park user and/or neighbor and ask the City to allocate WW funds for park improvements, we would appreciate it! You are of course also welcome to list your concerns or specific improvements if you feel inclined to do so, or you can say that you support the Friends of King Park proposed plan (which they have).

      Meeting Agenda & location: http://www.ci.berkeley.ca.us/uploadedFiles/Parks_Rec_Waterfront/Commissions/Commission_for_Parks_and_Recreation/July%2027,%202009%20Reg%20Mtg.pdf

      North Berkeley Senior Center, Multi-Purpose Room
      1901 Hearst Avenue (at MLK)
      Tonight! Monday, July 27th at 7:00 p.m.

      The Friends of King Park organized this spring to realize the vision planned by the community and the city in 2003, but unable to be completed due to drainage and grade issues discovered during the 2007 upgrade. Summary of King Park improvement request:

      1. Increased play value.
      a. Water play feature in the tot lot
      b. Plants for play
      c. Play structure for 5-12 year old children
      2. Improved Safety.
      a. Removal of the concrete barrels which harbor biohazards and waste
      b. Overhanging shrubs planted at the top of the retaining wall to discourage children from playing/riding bikes/jumping from the top of the wall
      3. Additional seating
      a. Additional picnic tables
      b. Additional benches to be installed Summer 2009
      4. Aesthetic improvements:
      a. Mosaic mural on the retaining wall by King Middle School students(Mosaic intended to reduce graffiti)
      b. Bay-Friendly Landscaping

      See you there!
      Jeanine Strickland, Friends of King Park
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