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NPCA's opinion on the war.

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  • Chris Starace
    This is a message from NPCA. Chris Group leaders: Please transmit the following resolution on Iraq, just approved by the NPCA Board, to your membership. In
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 14, 2003
      This is a message from NPCA.


      Group leaders:

      Please transmit the following resolution on Iraq, just approved by the
      NPCA Board, to your membership. In addition the NPCA will be issuing a
      press release and putting the resolution on our website. Please publicize
      it as extensively as possible. Our listservs are in transition as we bring
      them in-house. Our large NPCA listserv is therefore not functioning at this
      time so we are relying on this channel of communication to our group leaders
      to get the message out. Many thanks for your help. Dane

      Dane F. Smith
      National Peace Corps Association
      202-293-7728 x19
      1900 L Street N.W. #205
      Washington DC 20036


      The National Peace Corps Association calls on the U.S. Government to hold to
      the road of multilateral cooperation to solve the issue of Iraq's possession
      of weapons of mass destruction. We also demand that the Government of Iraq
      comply fully with the resolutions of the Security

      Peace Corps alumni have a special responsibility to the people of the United
      States and the world. Few Americans have had the privilege to live as
      closely with the citizens of other countries, and to learn as much about
      other cultures, as Peace Corps Volunteers. Most of us know the remarkable
      experience of being welcomed into a stranger's home, in a foreign place, far
      from our families. We know the feeling of overcoming language barriers in
      order to communicate as human beings. We understand the rocky road that
      must be traveled to overcome suspicion and misunderstanding that result from
      cultural and ethnic differences. We know, firsthand, that living together
      as citizens of a common planet is not an easy task. But, we know that with
      effort it can and must be done, a lesson reinforced by September 11.

      Acting on this knowledge, the National Peace Corps Association, the
      nonprofit membership organization representing returned Peace Corps
      volunteers and Peace Corps staff throughout the United States, has issued a
      statement on international peace that it believes reflects the views of the
      great majority of Peace Corps veterans. That statement can be found on the
      NPCA website at http://www.rpcv.org

      Specifically, we respectfully request that the United States Government

      . renew its commitment to effective international inspections to identify
      and eliminate weapons of mass destruction in Iraq;

      . continue to work in concert with the United Nations to solve the Iraqi
      crisis, if possible without resorting to force, but in any case seeking the
      broadest possible mandate from the Security Council;

      * take great care in its planning to minimize the injury and suffering to
      innocent Iraqi civilians.

      We call upon the Iraqi Government

      . to comply fully with all relevant Security Council resolutions, including
      Resolution 144l;

      . to cooperate fully and unconditionally with UN weapons inspectors;

      . to eliminate its weapons of mass destruction.

      We call on U.N. and nongovernmental relief agencies to expand significantly
      now efforts to provide food, medical supplies, and other humanitarian
      assistance to the people of Iraq, recognizing that such efforts can help
      protect Iraqi civilians from being the unintended targets of war.

      The National Peace Corps Association is a nonpartisan organization that
      advocates on behalf of the Peace Corps and a humane and engaged U.S. foreign
      policy. We believe we represent the great majority of the approximately
      168,000 returned Peace Corps volunteers who have served their country in its
      effort to improve human understanding and promote international peace.

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