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Act Now to Help save Berkeley's Creek Ordinance

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    Forwarded to you by Friends of Temescal Creek, Please excuse any duplication. Dear All, WE NEED YOUR HELP! The Berkeley City Council is being pressured to
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 15, 2004
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      Forwarded to you by Friends of Temescal Creek, Please excuse any

      Dear All,


      The Berkeley City Council is being pressured to dismantle the Berkeley
      Creeks Ordinance, which was established to implement the City's policy to
      protect and restore its creeks.
      On Tuesday, Oct. 12, City staff proposed a Work Plan in three phases
      that would essentially gut the ordinance in Phase 1, and then talk about it
      later (if time and money are available), in Phase 2 and Phase 3. You can
      download the Work Plan from the City of Berkeley website at:
      a.htm (Scroll down to 9. Berkeley Creek Ordinance and click to download the
      pdf file. If you need me to send it to you as an attachment, let me know.)
      We have about five days to save the Ordinance. Action will be taken by
      Council at their next meeting on Tuesday, October 19th, City Hall, 7pm.
      Between now and then, many of us need to write letters, make phone calls and
      above all, come to the City Council meeting on Tuesday.
      If you can write a letter, let me know. Send it to all of the email
      addresses at the end of this message. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU CAN COME TO
      THE CITY COUNCIL MEETING NEXT TUESDAY. You won't have to stay all night.
      It's important that you come, because the people who want to dismantle the
      ordinance are coming and the Council will be looking to see who's there.
      Please tell other people to come to the meeting and put in a card for
      the public comment period. You can give your time to somebody else if you
      don't feel prepared to speak. JUST COME! please!!

      Thank you very much,

      Kirstin Miller
      Ecocity Builders/Friends of Strawberry Creek

      Sample letter:

      Dear Mayor and Councilmembers, City Manager, Planning staff, City
      Attorney, and Department of Public Works:

      I am writing to express my concern over the City's proposed Berkeley Creeks
      Ordinance Work Plan presented at the October 12 Council meeting. I urge you
      to oppose this proposal, as its first step would essentially dismantle
      protections for our urban creeks
      The proposal contradicts City policy, which is to protect and restore
      its creeks, and the intent of Berkeley citizens to protect our environment.
      Additionally, it may place the City further out of compliance with state
      regulations regarding water quality.
      Berkeley is the birthplace of the urban creeks movement and the first
      city in the nation to daylight an urban creek in 1982 at Strawberry Creek
      Park. Please DO NOT dismantle the Berkeley Creeks Ordinance and talk about
      it later. Please DO consider forming a well-balanced Task Force comprised of
      homeowners, creek experts, non-profit group representatives, City staff, and
      Commission representatives to make well informed recommendations on the
      existing ordinance.
      The Creeks Ordinance is meant to protect people and property near urban
      creeks. When protected and cared for, our creeks provide valuable ecosystem
      services, which include filtering contaminants, scouring air pollutants,
      supporting wildlife, cooling water to protect fish, and providing green
      spaces for people to enjoy in the urban setting. But we shouldn't need to
      remind you, as this is already City policy in Berkeley!
      Thank you for keeping the safety of people, property and creek
      ecosystems intact.


      Email your letter to:
      Mark B. Baldridge
      1450 Fourth Street, #4
      Berkeley, CA 94710
      tel. 510.526.9105
      email: bridgemc@...

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