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Re: Thanksgiving 2015

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! It's a beautiful Thanksgiving Day!! Joe Riz.. Sent from my iPhone
Nov 26

Re: Thanksgiving 2015

gobble gobble :) ... From: "Cory Anderson conrad1468@... [FreshAirVWCarClub]" To: "Fresh Air Yahoo"
Nov 26

Thanksgiving 2015

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!! Cory
Cory Anderson
Nov 26

Re: end of season for the 1968 bug

Honestly, I'd just leave it alone. It's a two door car and all of that just sounds like overkill.
Nov 21

end of season for the 1968 bug

Its hard to believe i got the 68 bug put away just a turbulant season the exhaust backfires it had the next project i have on hand for it is a keyless remote
Nov 18

Re: KDF engine

A good motor for a Schwimmwagen except all of the cooling tin is missing along with the generator as the schwimmwagens they have two belts on the crank and
derek obidowski
Nov 18

KDF engine

Holy moly a KDF engine for sale!!  Get your check books out!! haha!Cory http://www.thesamba.com/vw/classifieds/detail.php?id=1858727 Holy moly a KDF engine
Cory Anderson
Nov 11

Veterans Day 2015

Happy Veterans Day!! Thank you!!
Cory Anderson
Nov 11
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Re: VW Assembly Factory

It's pretty neat how they lifted a complete motor by the fan shroud. Cory   From: "Charles Collings ccollings@... [FreshAirVWCarClub]"
Cory Anderson
Nov 4

VW Assembly Factory

I just came across this on a friend's Facebook page and thought you might like to see it. https://www.facebook.com/HotVWs/videos/1039573322743892/
Charles Collings
Nov 4

Re: Posted this on thesamba in response to post from Keith at SE...

Andy, I totally agree..... I'd like to see another place for this show. Actually one where you're not paying PRP it's rates for the show. Hopefully the VW
Oct 31

Re: Posted this on thesamba in response to post from Keith at SEVWA

The parking evened out after people rolled in and we eventually eliminated the gap.  That was Cory's idea and I for one liked it. Price is something we always
Dan Lutz
Oct 30

Posted this on thesamba in response to post from Keith at SEVWA and

Gotta make a couple comments about the show - have attended several here and talked to quite a few folks. Here are concerns/suggestions: Show parking. Not
Oct 30

Re: oil change question

Yup. We are definitely on the same page. Bud From: FreshAirVWCarClub@yahoogroups.com [mailto:FreshAirVWCarClub@yahoogroups.com] Sent: Monday, October 19, 2015
Bud Osbourne
Oct 19

Re: oil change question

Totally with you on this. I almost didn't hit send on my first post exactly for this reason LOL. It's all about gathering information and doing what you
Oct 19
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