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Re: [ F E T ] Re: Vocabulary/Vocabulaire - taille du guêpe

Réponse à « allwaysgreatbear » Il y a une vieille chanson française qui s’appelle « Trois fois merci », mais on ne dit pas « Merci, trois fois ».
Dec 5, 2015

RE: [ F E T ] Re: Vocabulary/Vocabulaire - taille du guêpe

Thanks for your response, I’m pleased that there is still interest in my musings on the French language. I will try and do something a bit more often. One of
Nov 17, 2015

Re: Vocabulary/Vocabulaire - taille du guêpe

Merci John, I am still very interested, I just wish my French were good enough to elaborate that thanks in French. This group and your efforts are all the more
Nov 16, 2015

Vocabulary/Vocabulaire - taille du guêpe

It’s about time something new was posted here, so here I am again with some gleanings from emails and web sites that grab my attention. This is a snip from
Nov 15, 2015
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Re: New member/ nouveau membre

Vafa, je vous souhaite la bienvenue! Welcome to the FET group, Vafa! To get the best out of this group, you can either ask for help or advice in learning
Apr 21, 2015

New member/ nouveau membre

Bonjour, Je m'apple Vafa. Je suis ici pour etudier le francais. J'aime beacoup activite culturelle et faire des amis. A bientot
Apr 21, 2015

Le crash de l'A320

Some questions and remarks about uses of certain words and grammar. From Le Monde (with my translations in English)
John Tempest
Mar 27, 2015

Re: Plantu 9th March

Hi John, Bonjour John, Cette bande dessinée s’applique aussi à mon pays, car il y aura des élections fédérales cette année au Canada. That cartoon
Lucie Bergeron
Mar 11, 2015

Plantu 9th March

Much amused by the above cartoon, I suspect it applies equally to the British re the forthcoming elections. My translation: Les Français: pas passionés par
Mar 9, 2015

Re: from Hannah: need proofreader :-)

Dear John, Thanks for your kind reply. Thanks for your encouraging words regarding my French, though I know personally that it still needs improvement. French
Nov 11, 2014

Re: from Hannah: need proofreader :-)

Dear Hannah I would only expect that anyone who would be interested in wanting to proofread a book for you would actually respond to your request. Proof
John Tempest
Nov 11, 2014

from Hannah: need proofreader :-)

Dear all, I don't know if anyone is still here, it is as if I am talking to myself here!! haha - I think all are busy... Anyway I would appreciate if someone
Nov 11, 2014

Re: The whole text (French to English)... could you please check it

Hi, It has already been checked by someone now, so please don't worry about this particular text. Regards, Hannah
Nov 4, 2014

Re: The whole text (French to English)... could you please check it

Hi, I hope it is not too much for you. I have done a few health/education/business related translations so far. But an extract from a book is something else. I
Nov 3, 2014

The whole text (French to English)... could you please check it

Dear Friends, Here is the French version: (it is a extract from a book - don't know which one though).... Please could you check and let me know if my English
Nov 3, 2014
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