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      THURSDAY, 6 July 2006 : na060706





      A. AFRICAN MIRROR : Barefoot rebels chase out Congolese troops.


      D. RAINBOW REPORT : McBride accused of using ‘k’-word.


      E. TERROR TRAIL : Black killers caught.


      I. VOX POPULI : “Welcome, … brave South African soldiers…”


      J. CHRISTIAN BRIEF : “I pray that…”   -  Pope.


      K. APARTHEID LOG : Another attempt to scale Melilla barrier fails.


      L. NWO DIARY : Italy and France in soccer finals.




          Smokey deals, - and Koos van der Merwe.






      MOGADISHU. Islamist gunmen linked to the so-called Union of Islamic Courts have killed two Somali’s for watching the Germany-Italy World Cup semi-final. The Muslim gunmen  opened fire in a cinema where people were watching what has been declared by the Union of Islamic Courts to be banned.  The victims were the cinema owner and a young girl. The radical Islamists  seized control of Mogadishu and large parts of Somalia last month, and have introduced Sharia law in areas under their authority.


      KINSHASA . Barefoot Congolese rebels have re-taken a town in the lawless east, - barely  a month after it was occupied by a huge UN-backed offensive, with more than 1 000 UN troops,  backed by attack helicopters and armoured vehicles, and 3 000 Congolese army soldiers trooping behind. Four days after the UN soldiers withdrew from Tchei on June 26,   the rebels launched an attack on the town, - and the Congolese army forces ran away..… Militia fighters are also still holding five UN Nepali peacekeepers hostage, after seizing them in May.

              The renewed fighting, which has displaced yet more thousands of civilians in the eastern Ituri district, is another setback to the Democratic Republic of Congo's first democratic elections in four decades, which are scheduled to take place on July 30, and which are monitored by a large, but stretched, UN force trying to cover this huge African country. The UN has about 17 000 peacekeepers inCongo - its largest mission in the world. Many of them are white.

              Ethnic violence and clashes between militia groups fighting over minerals and illegal taxation have kept any sort of  central Congolese government control out of Ituri since 1999. While the United Nations claims that about 2 000 militia fighters had laid down their weapons in Ituri during the past two weeks, adding to 15 000 fighters who are supposed to have done so last year, the unelected Kabila regime in Kinshasa  has no authority in the area whatsoever, - unless it is backed up by the UN.


      BAMAKO .  The Mali government has reportedly signed an Algerian-brokered peace agreement with Tuareg rebels seeking greater autonomy for their northern desert region. The signing ceremony apparently took place at a government office in Algiers . This follows a daring attack by  Tuareg gunmen  on Malian army camps in the Saharan trading town of Kidal last month, when they simply took over army vehicles and arms before driving off into the mountains near the Algerian border.


      JUBA .  Peace negotiations between the Ugandan government and the so-called Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) seem to have become a real possibility, - after the death of tens of thousands of people and the displacement of over a million in northern Uganda since the LRA took leadership of a regional rebellion in 1988 in a bid to oust Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni.  A delegation of senior Ugandan officials has arrived in southern Sudan for preparatory talks aimed at starting peace negotiations with the notorious rebel group, which is accused of countless atrocities and the recruitment and abuse of thousands of children. The Ugandan team is led by the interior minister Ruhakana Rugunda and deputy foreign minister Okello Oryemu.  For a start, it is  meeting with top officials of the autonomous government of southern Sudan , which has  offered to mediate. It was not immediately clear if the Ugandans would meet with members of the LRA who have been in Juba since last month awaiting a response from Kampala to south Sudan 's mediation offer. Museveni said in May that he was willing to negotiate with the LRA, but only if they agreed to drop their weapons and agreed to a framework for talks by the end of July.

            The peace negotiations might be jeopardized, however,  by moves to have the LRA’s leader, Joseph Kony, indicted and prosecuted as a war criminal.  The example of other African leaders branded as war criminals and hauled off to court after they relinquished power and stopped fighting,  is said to be acting as a deterrent to Kony laying down arms.

      HARARE . Zimbabwe has freed and deported two white South African soldiers, who were arrested, tortured and convicted on murder and espionage charges 18 years ago,  and have been incarcerated ever since, - most of the time in the infamous Chikurubi  prison near Harare. Kevin Woods and his colleague Michael Smith were immediately taken to the South African border post of Beitbridge, 450km south of the capital Harare , and have arrived in South Africa to be re-united with their loved ones.  Their black fellow-soldier, Phillip Conjwayo, a Zimbabwean national, was also freed and welcomed at the prison gates by one of his sons.

              The trio were jailed for life in 1988, after being caught trying to bomb an ANC terrorist base in Zimbabwe during South Africa ’s war on terror in the seventies and eighties. They were sentenced to death by the Zimbabwean high court for the murder of a driver, hired to take a car bomb to a house owned by the ANC in Bulawayo . The bomb, however, detonated while the driver was still in the car. Their sentences were commuted to life in prison after the supreme court had found, in another case, that a long delay in carrying out death sentence was unconstitutional.

            Over the years, Woods, Conjwayo and Smith had sought amnesty and deportation to South Africa , and numerous appeals were made to both the former white government of FW de Klerk, as well as the succeeding black regimes of Mandela and Mbeki. None of them were ever successful. De Klerk  especially is accused by many Boers of having betrayed these soldiers before the hand-over to black rule in 1994, - when he had the chance to negotiate their release with a black regime which would have done anything to gain power.  In the end, Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe reportedly signed release papers ‘on medical grounds’.




      Under black rule, train crashes in South Africa have become so common-place, that the Azanian (New SA) opposition has now officially complained about it. In the latest incident,  two trains on their way to Pretoria  collided in Kempton Park , with one ‘rear-ending’ the other, claiming a life and leaving 42 people injured.

         Azanian (New SA) provincial opposition spokesman for transport James Swart said, quote,  the government must take full responsibility for deaths and injuries if they allow millions to be cut from railway signals maintenance while spending billions on Gautrain, unquote. He added: "I have reliable information that budget for the upgrading and maintenance of railway signals has been drastically cut… How many more train accidents will we have to see before something is done? We have been promised immediate investigations concerning the incident.”


      Leftist, pro-ANC/Communist regime Stellenbosch University rector Chris Brink is reportedly leaving crime-ridden South Africa and has accepted a post at an English-speaking,  British university.  Brink, who has upset many conservatives at the traditionally Afrikaans university, the cradle of the Afrikaner intellectual elite,  over his attempt to turn the institution into just another Azanian university, with as a first step an enforced double-medium policy where both English and Afrikaans are used. While Brink denied allegations that the language issue had also influenced his decision to leave, some of his opponents have linked his decision to leave to the defeat he recently suffered in the so-called language debate.


      The black South African Municipal Workers Union (Samwu) has demanded the suspension of Robert McBride, the convicted former terrorist  who was made head of Ekurhuleni metro police by the ruling ANC/Communist regime. Samwu accused McBride of  making racist remarks last week. According to Koena Ramotlou, Samwu's East Rand branch manager, he ordered that (metro police) members' weapons be confiscated. In this process, he told one of the officers: "Arrest this kaffir, I don't have time to talk to them'…" Ramotlou said four metro police members heard the k-word and it had been recorded on tape.

            The union's bitter conflict with  the East Rand ’s metro police was brought to a head last Tuesday after union members had taken part in a protest march against McBride in Tembisa. Metro police said it was an illegal strike and said on Wednesday disciplinary steps were being taken against Samwu members. Members protested against, among other things, the "continuous changes in our employment conditions", as well as salaries.    

           Metro police denied that McBride had made any racist comments, but announced that disciplinary steps would be taken against Samwu members who'd taken part in last week's "illegal strike". "We're taking notice of the dishonest and false accusations by Samwu….”




      (Please note that official Azanian (New SA) crime statistics and -releases are censored. Johannesburg police spokeswoman Inspector Amanda Roestoff admitted, on 20/5/03, that the SAPS 'uses discretion in terms of crimes committed and media statements issued'. So the terror and crime reported here is probably only part of what is really happening, as the official manipulation makes it difficult for an independent news service to ferret out all the facts.)


      Black gunmen raped two foreign missionaries and shot one of them on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast .  The two women - one from the United States and the other from Kenya , - were raped on Friday night as they were walking home on the Old Harding Road near Oslo Beach . The two, who had been working in the area for the past two years, were robbed of their handbags before the 23-year-old Kenyan was shot in the stomach. Then, they both were raped. It is not known with which church group the two women were associated.


      Ten blacks have  appeared briefly in the Carolina magistrate's court on Monday in connection with three brutal farm attacks during last month. They are Vusi Makabane, 22, and his brother Jan Makabane, 25, Sipho Nyamane, 24, Jacob Mavuso, 25, Charlie Mahlangu, 22, Beki Hadebe, 19, July Nkabinde, 25, Thomas Magagula, 18, Dumisani Gwebu, 19, and Goodman Bhembe, 19.  In the last attack, Thys Boshoff, 66, was shot dead and his wife wounded in the hand when they tried to keep their assailants out of their home. Six of the suspects are thought to be the killers who murdered Boshoff. Farmers have linked them to a black school in the area, where children were asked to identify and describe adjacent farms.


      The black Zimbabwean who tried to hijack an SAA flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg and divert it to Mozambique , Tinashe Rioga (21), now claims he should be released on bail because, quote, he would not endanger the public, unquote. He also told a magistrate's court  that he had no pending cases or prior convictions, and that both his parents, who live in Zimbabwe, are ‘successful business people owning a number of properties’, while his older sisters - one a paediatrician and another an executive marketing manager - and a brother were in the United States.




      “…Welcome to you, brave South African soldiers, you who served our country and our people honourably under extremely difficult circumstances, behind enemy lines, against  ANC terrorists and their Mugabe collaborators, - WELCOME! And please forgive the country which you served so well, and for which you were tortured, humiliated and incarcerated for eighteen long years,  for throwing you away, forgetting you, and having a despicable scumbag of a president who did nothing for your release when he had the chance before 1994.... “   -   Internet chatroom.  


      “….train accidents are becoming almost as commonplace as taxi accidents in the "New S.A. "  Of course, it is to be expected when these FUNSA's/snoobab couldn't give a continental about deteriorating rail systems which - under the previous hated "Apaatheit" government was always well-maintained and running on oiled wheels, so-to-speak...”   -   Internet chat room.




      “…I pray that every person kidnapped be quickly returned to their loved ones. I call on Israeli and Palestinian leaders so that, with the generous contribution of the international community, they responsibly seek the negotiated settlement of the conflict which alone can assure the peace sought by their people.”  – Pope Benedict.




      BERN. Switzerland has officially condemned Israel over ‘clearly violating international law’ by imposing collective punishment on Palestinians over the capture of an Israeli soldier. Neutral Switzerland, as the traditional "depository" state of the Geneva Conventions, does not often venture into political controversy, - but has on occasion done so when  it felt the Geneva Convention is being ignored. A spokesman for the Swiss foreign ministry said that, as the depository country for the Geneva Conventions, encouraging respect for international law was a declared aim of Switzerland's foreign policy and the statement should be read in that context. It says there is "no doubt Israel has not taken the precautions required of it in international law to protect the civilian population and infrastructure….The destruction of a power station, the attack on the offices of the Palestinian prime minister, the arbitrary arrests of a large number of democratically-elected representatives of the people and ministers... cannot be justified."

             Earlier this year, Swiss President Moritz Leuenberger caused anger inIsrael when he said the international block on funding to the Palestinian authority was a mistake. He said the democratically elected Hamas government should have been given the chance to prove it could function. But the latest Swiss statement will strike a chord with aid agencies, who are increasingly concerned about the worsening humanitarian situation in Gaza .  Vital medical supplies are running short and doctors and nurses are having great difficulty even getting to work because of the restrictions on movement.


      MELILLA. At least two men died and several were seriously injured when about 70 Africans tried to storm a fence dividing Spain 's enclave of Melilla from Morocco . It is thought that both fell from the top of a barrier six metres high, one landing on the Spanish side, the other on the Moroccan. It was the first mass attempt to cross since October, when hundreds of people stormed barriers there and at Ceuta , leading to the Spanish authorities reinforcing the barrier.

              Separately, 18 illegal migrants bound for Spain drowned off Morocco . Their flimsy boat reportedly sank off the Sahara Desert while en route to Spain 's Canary Islands . Twelve people are still missing. Having insisted on independence from European control, and pushed most Europeans settles and officials out, millions of Africans now want to flee their run-down and badly-governed continent and enter Europe , which they see as the Promised Land. But Europe has become Fortress Europe, which once supported the process of de-colonisation and the accompanying ethnic cleansing of whites from Africa , - but now does not want to face the consequences.  


      GAZA CITY . The Israeli soldier captured and reportedly held alive by Palestinian fighters is still being sought by the Israeli military, which has massed a huge force outside the Gaza strip and is  launching limited incursions and strikes into Gaza . While the Palestinian so-called militants who claim to have Cpl Gilad Shalit in their custody have given Israel until 0300 GMT tomorrow to give in to their demands, the Israeli government has gone on record as saying it will "not entertain blackmail".  The Israeli soldier was taken by Palestinian fighters who attacked an Israeli tank position in a cross-border raid on 25 June in which two other soldiers and two of the attackers were killed.

            Observers are taking seriously the threat by Hamas' military wing and two other groups thatIsrael would have to face "the consequences" if it refuses to free Palestinian prisoners in exchange for the release of  Cpl Shalit.  It seems certain that the Israelis will not be able to trace their fellow-soldier in the densely-populated warren of the teeming Gaza Strip, - not before he is killed, anyway. What is less certain, is whether or not Israel will give in and release at least some women and children, as originally demanded. And what is even less certain is what the Israeli military will do if the worst comes to the worst, and  Shalit is found dead… Already,Israel has arrested scores of Hamas members including ministers and lawmakers  and threatened to take further action if 19-year-old Gilad Shalit was not released.

            Meanwhile, it appears that Cpl Shalit may have been wounded in the original fire-fight which saw his comrades killed and himself captured. The Palestinian deputy minister of prisoner affairs said on Saturday that he (Shalit) has received medical treatment for his wounds and is in stable condition.  Otherwise, there is no news of Shalit and his whereabouts.

         On the ‘front’, a second Palestinian rocket has hit the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon . Though both rockets missed buildings and caused no damage,  they brought Ashkelon within range of Hamas rocketeers, - a new development, which has caused the Israeli military to re-enter previously evacuated Jewish settlements in northern Gaza, thereby hoping to create a buffer zone and keep militants who fire rockets at Israeli towns further from the border.


      L. NWO DIARY


      BERLIN. The Soccer World Cup is nearing its grand finale, which will be contested without the host country, - to the utter dismay of millions of German soccer enthusiasts. France and Italy went through to the end game in the German capital on the 9th of this month after beating Portugal andGermany respectively.


      DUSSELDORF .  German prosecutors are now also investigating allegations of corruption and possible kickbacks around black-ruled South Africa ’s so-called arms deal scandal. The German investigation centres on the sale of warships to South Africa by a German shipbuilding consortium. Top ANC/Communist politicians and apparatchiks including President Thabo Mbeki, his Deputy Jacob Zuma and ministers and other ANC/Communist party bigwigs are implicated in the scandal, which has become a running sore on the back of the ruling alliance. So far, Mbeki himself has refused to answer official questions around his own involvement during discussions with a French firm. Zuma, on the other hand, has been charged and will stand trial shortly, - cynics say because he has not only become expendable, but dangerous to the ruling clique as a candidate to the Azanian presidency.

            A report appearing in the German news magazine Der Spiegel  reveals that it is suspected that €15m had been paid in bribes and then concealed in the shipbuilders' accounts as "expenses"  in the purchase of the four corvettes for coastal protection by the ruling ANC/Communist regime in 1999 deal. When asked for comment by Deutsche Presse-Agentur, Dusseldorf prosecutions spokesperson Peter Lichtenberg said: "We are conducting an inquiry." He declined to disclose more, saying this might harm the inquiry.

            The Thyssen group led the consortium that won the contract to build the vessels, which had been designed in Hamburg . According to reports, most European firms accept as ‘normal’ the practice of having to pay bribes to politicians when dealing with black African states. The magazine said there had been a co-ordinated June 19 raid on the offices of consortium partners Blohm and Voss in Hamburg , HDW in the Baltic port of Kiel , Thyssen Rheinstahl Technik and MAN Ferrostaal in the western city of Essen . Possible charges include bribery and tax evasion.


      LIEGE. The Belgian girl abducted and killed with her step-sister has been laid to rest in the city of Liege . Nathalie Mahy, 10, was raped and strangled after being seized from a street party on 9 June. The funeral of her step-sister Stacy Lemmens, who was also strangled, attracted huge publicity. A convicted Arab paedophile, Abdellah Ait Oud, 39,  is being held on suspicion of killing the girls. He denies any involvement. But reports say he was seen near Stacy Lemmens, who is seven, and Nathalie Mahy, 10, before they disappeared. And in 1995 he was sentenced to five years in jail, including one suspended, for the rape of his 14-year-old niece. In April 2001 he was rearrested for the rape and kidnap while on parole of another 14-year-old girl, according to the Belgian RTBF news website. He was declared mentally unstable and detained, but last December he was released, as the authorities were satisfied that he had been "cured".

           Belgium was deeply shocked by the Marc Dutroux paedophile case, in which two girls from Liege disappeared in June 1995. Their bodies were not found until a year later - in Dutroux's garden. In 2004 Dutroux was found guilty of leading a gang that kidnapped and raped six girls in the mid-1990s, leading to the deaths of four of them.


      CAPE KENNEDY. The space shuttle Discovery has finally lifted off, - after its Sunday   launch was postponed. Engineers had found a crack in the foam insulation lining the orbiter's external tank, but the problem seems to have been fixed. Stormy weather over Florida also interfered with plans to launch the shuttle earlier. Discovery is on its way to the International Space Station, where it will re-deploy several astronauts from different countries. 



      Form the investigative magazine ‘Noseweek’, July 2006:


      In our cover story we tell about President Thabo Mbeki's French connection.  There was, of course, also an English connection and a German - not to speak of the Kebble connection and all those other happy Party funding connections.
      A recap on the English connection sets the scene.  in the apartheid arms embargo years, British Aerospace (BAe) still had their man in Johannesburg ; Richard Charter, who traded very lucratively, for the duration, as Osprey Aviation.  Come 1994 he was back in uniform as BAe Systems SA.  From then on BAe was actively vying for a slice of the South African defence pie: not only to sell us fighter planes, but (less well known) also for a chunk of the navy splurge.  It had a team of experts in SA for months working on a navy bid.  But within days in early January 1999, BAe's navy bid was off and its naval men were gone.  It traspires they's got a directive from somebody "very, very high up" to get out of the country.

      Richard Charter would later explain to a trusted noseweek source: "We were told late in December 1998 that if we didn't withdraw from the naval bid, we stood a good chance of losing the promised aircraft deal as well."  How come BAe was so sure of getting the fighter deal?  Charter's reply:  "THAT WAS SETTLED IN A SMOKEY ROOM DEAL BETWEEN [THENUK PRIME MINISTER] JOHN MAJOR AND THABO MBEKI ALREADY IN 1995."

      How smokey was the deal? British investigators estimate that Charter was involved in laundering an estimated R1.8-billion in "COMMISSION" from BAe to the ANC and/or its senior members, within weeks of the deals being signed in 1999.

      The ANC has a problem: the vast majority of its supporters are desperately poor.  They cannot afford food, let alone fund a political party in a modern democracy.  So to fund its infrastructure and campaigns, the party must look to funders it would rather not identify.  Who demand their pound of flesh in profit or policy changes.

      That way we end up paying R50-billion-plus for inappropriate defence equipment in order to provide the party with perhaps half a billion in funding. (The other half went to the suits.)

      Surely there are more rational - and less corrupting - ways of funding the democratic process?  Can't we, as taxpayers, just agree to pay the party a billion - and get to keep the R49-billion in change?

      We do not raise the subject in defence of Jacob Zuma: bums on the take must take what they get.  But friends of the President should note that it's natural for politicians to use any dirt that comes to hand against their competitors.  It's the way democracy benefits from the insight that, when thieves fall out the truth will out.





      Advertisement in the Rapport under 'Careers':


      "Unmarried man, willing to travel, all expenses paid. Must have own razor and scissors."


      Koos van der Merwe applies and goes through to Cape Town . "Yes," says the clerk. "It is a model agency.  They are looking for someone to shave the female models and trim their bikini lines. The job pays very well, but there are a few negative aspects: You will have to travel a moer of a lot, - Paris, London , New York , Bahamas , Tahiti ,all over the world, - and, of course, you have to stare at nude models all day...."


      That's ok, I'm not fussy...," says Koos. "Where do I go for the interview?"


      "Here in the Cape ," says the clerk. "And here's your ticket to Secunda!"


      Koos, now totally confused: " Secunda? I thought you said the interview was here in Cape Town ?"


      "Yes," says the clerk, and gives him funny look, "But Secunda is where the end of the f@*#&ing queue is...."



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