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DEPT, OF H0ME LAND lNSECURITY Censorship filter

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  • John Perna
    My own FORMER Internet Service Provider has told me that the program; which filters out certain emails, was developed using guidelines from the DEPT, OF H0ME
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 13, 2007
      My own FORMER Internet Service Provider has told me that the program; which "filters out" certain emails, was developed using guidelines from the DEPT, OF H0ME LAND lNSECURITY. At the same time, the Internet Service Provider is now being told that they are now regulated by the Federal Communications Commission; which in turn, receives guidelines from the DEPT, OF H0ME LAND lNSECURITY. OF COURSE there is no legitimate justification for Federal Communications Commission regulation of the internet; since it does not use shared air ways.
      Do you wish that the government would read the Constitution?
      Just email it to a few of your friends.
      The snoops, who are
       reading your emails, 
      are the ones who need to know what the Constitution says.
      If your settings are to delete "spam" at once,  
      then you will never see the censored mail.
      You do not find it even in the bulk mail folder;
      therefore you have no way of knowing that it was ever sent.
      The ostrich might put its head into the sand,
      but just because you cannot see it does not mean that it is not happening.
      "Surveillance" of the internet is not new.
      To read e-mail the FBI can order an Internet Service Provider to place a special monitoring computer called Carnivore (now renamed Data Collection System 1000) on its network servers. The FBI can then select the e-mail of surveillance targets for capture and storage. Not content with this device, the FBI now seeks to expand its surveillance capability to the entire Internet.
      "Surveillance" has now been upgraded to include actual censorship.
      My former ISP gave me the web page for the company that makes the filter,
      AND ADMITTED that the protocols were developed from guidelines from
      You will find the page at  http://www.surfcontrol.com/products/
      Here is the page, where they tell, as much as they will tell you, about what gets filtered out:
      This is a direct copy and past:
      E-mail Dictionary
      • Sexually Explicit
      • Adult-Oriented
      • Instructions
      • Products
      • Terms
      • Promotion
      • Media
      • Humorous
      • Horoscopes
      • Art
      • Activity Guides
      • Software
      • Parts
      • Accessories
      • Hacking
      • Customize to meet your confidentiality needs
      • Stock Trading
      • Money Management
      • Accounting
      • Tips
      • Term
      • Online Casinos
      • Betting Pools
      Hate Speech/Offensive
      • Prejudice based on Race, Gender, Religion, etc.
      Job Search
      • Employment Agencies
      • Job Listings
      • Career Searches
      • Medical and health care terminology
      • Internet Mall
      • Online Catalogs
      • Retail Stores
      • Spam
      • Bulk E-mail
      • Mass Marketing
      • Sports-related content
      • Airlines
      • Accommodations
      • Destinations
      Violence / Weapons
      • Avocation or depictions of violent acts
      They only mention the most popular types of censorship; HOWEVER,
      You will notice that many of the categories include an open door for the censorship of free speech, THAT IS PURELY LAWFUL, and inoffensive.
      OF COURSE, anyone can voluntarily install this software if that is what they want.
      I spoke with my former ISP on the phone several times a day for a week.
      I also spoke with several other ISP competitors, while shopping for one that would not censor me.
      I got not contradictory information, and everyone said they were not allowed to hand out the guidelines.
      Both The Federal Communication Commission and DEPT, OF H0ME LAND lNSECURITY were referenced repeatedly.
      Freedom of speech - Use it or lose it 

      When they took away the 4th Amendment,
      we were quiet,
      because we didn't deal drugs.

      When they took away the 6th Amendment,
      we were quiet,
      because we were innocent.

      When they took away the 2nd Amendment,
      we were quiet,
      because we don't own guns.

      Now they have taking away the 1st Amendment,
      and very soon,
      if we continue to be quiet,
      we will have no choice,
      but to be continue to be quiet.

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