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Friday's Freedom...5/2 : Civil Roght ATTY Dennis Cunnigham

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    Subj: Friday s Freedom...5/2 Date: 5/1/2008 10:11:10 AM Pacific Daylight Time From: kiilu2@sbcglobal.net (Kiilu Nyasha) To: iolmisha@cs.com
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      Subj: Friday's Freedom...5/2
      Date: 5/1/2008 10:11:10 AM Pacific Daylight Time
      From:    kiilu2@... (Kiilu Nyasha)
      To:    iolmisha@... (IdrissStelleyFoundation)

      Greetings All:

      Freedom Is A Constant Struggle is a weekly talk show that airs on Cable 76 in San Francisco and can be streamed online at www.accessf.org -- 7:30 - 7:52 p.m. (PST).  As you may know there still are no archives so if you want to catch it you'll need to go online or tune in at the exact time (10:30 p.m. EST, etc.).  

      IMay 2 -- Guest will be San Francisco Attorney
      Dennis Cunningham, father of four and a champion of justice who has defended radicals and revolutionaries for 40 years.
      In Chicago in 1968, Dennis and other young lawyers organized a legal defense committee for those arrested and brutalized by the Chicago police at the Democratic Convention.  
      By 1969, they had established the Peoples Law Office which took up the defense of Black Panthers, Young Lords, SDS, and the Young Patriots.

      In the wake of the Attica uprising and massacre of prisoners in New York State, Dennis stayed with the case for 30 years until victory.  More recently, he triumphed in the Judi Bari case and that of the Pepper Spray 8.
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