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889!*Former PP and Comrade Marilyn Buck Transitions

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  • Sara Jones
    Aug 4 4:50 PM

      Sent: Wednesday, August 4, 2010 1:02:14 PM
      Subject: !*Former PP and Comrade Marilyn Buck Transitions

      Former PP Marilyn Buck made her transition, peace and blessings be upon her revolutionary soul!  

      Let her passing motivate us to be on point for all those denied medical care within the walls, serious illnesses ARE death sentences! Much respect to her struggle on our collective behalf and all those who loved her so strong in her final days!


      From:  Freedom Archives/Imani Henry

      This note below was sent by Freedom Archives by Linda Evans, one of Marilyn’s comrades.

      Our dear comrade Marilyn Buck made her transition yesterday at 1 pm est
      peacefully and surrounded by friends. Details of  memorials and where 
      to send cards and donations will follow soon.

      Marilyn died yesterday at Soffiyah Elijah’s house, her close friend and attorney with her friends around her. The federal bureau of prisons and the U.S. Criminal injustice system killed Marilyn by denying her adequate medical care, careful diagnoses, and timely treatment for her cancer. They allowed the uterine cancer to spread until it was inoperable. And they made her serve every single day of her sentence that they could for her “heinous crimes” of actively supporting the Black Liberation struggle, aiding in the escape of comrade Assata Shakur, participating in military political actions against U.S. Wars at home and abroad and remaining defiant and opposed to the U.S. Imperialist racist system every day that she was inside the belly of the beast. Marilyn Buck, Presente!" Judy Greenspan

      Marilyn Buck reads Wild Poppies - http://www.freedomarchives.org/wildpoppies/mp3/WEBwild%20poppiesMB.mp3

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