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  • Sara Jones
    Jan 7, 2010
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      PRE-Release Date Cd Orders Now Available!

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      305375 (The Voice of The Voiceless) Volume 1, is far from your everyday hip hop record release. Against the backdrop of hip hop beats produced by some of the hottest up and coming producers 305375 delivers just what it promises, the voices of those that have been silenced. It may not make you dance, but it will surly make you think. 305375, was made to raise the revolutionary consciousness within all of us. Viva La Revolucion!


      CD CoverThe wait is over. 305375 (The Voice of the Voiceless) Volume 1 is now available for pre-release orders. Get your copy today!
      Only $15.00 S&H included.
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      19/5/2010 Official Release Date
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      305375 (The Voice of the Voiceless) Vol. 1
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       With his May 19, 2010 highly anticipated debut release many are already calling the most controversial hip hop record ever, Capital-"X" hopes to fund his continuing non-stop campaign to abolish the death penalty and mass incarceration while reaching out to at risk youth as well as prisoners and victims on both sides of prison walls.
      Capital-"X" on www.streetpoetmontesmith.com
      Street Poet Monte Smith
      Capital "X": A Call To Arms!!! Read the bold in your face blog written by Capital-"X" on Street Poet Monte Smith's blog. "The time of asking has long passed. The time of begging is over. This is not a request, it is a demand. If the peoples demands are not met fully and with urgency then revolution is our only option".-Capital-"X"
       While you are there, purchase a copy of Monte Smith's new book, Dont' Shoot The Hostage's" (Poetry and Social Commentary for the New World Survivalist).
                 The Fight For Mumia's Life Heats up!
      Mumia Abu Jamal The fight for the life of death row, political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal heats up in light of a grotesque documentary set to be released by pro-state murder activists. Read Capital-X's latest blog "The Barrel of a Gun"  where he addresses this film and pleads for all to get involved.
       We would just like to thank everyone in advance for their support. The Cd 305375 is also available in bulk so feel free to e-mail us with any inquiries. We are also accepting offers for shows and or concerts as well as lectures. You can send all inquiries to igwtentertainment@... Again thank you for your support.
       The Struggle!
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      There are over 2.4 million Americans in prison, that's one in every one hundred citizens. 
       It is past time we call out for change.To some what Capital-"X" is trying to do as unnecessary, uncalled for, but he has heard the cries of those that have been silenced forever. He has taken the torch that was lit by those that have perished trying to raise their voices yesterday.
       Capital-"X" himself has been amongst the silenced within the belly of the beast. He has risen against great odds to awaken the sleeping giant, "The People", to once and for all secure our safety. For as it stands now, our current criminal justice makes every one of us a prime suspect. Funds generated by sales of 305375 will be used to the further the cause by educated all who will listen. For every child, every parent, every person kept out of prison is a huge victory. Please support the struggle! Hebrews 13:3 

      "When the prison doors are opened, the real dragon will fly out." -Ho Chi Minh

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