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882The Black Marriage - What Are Your Thoughts?

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  • epaden30
    Jan 7, 2010

      The Black Marriage – What Are Your Thoughts?

      The long-awaited tv show has finally launched. 

      There has been quite a bit of discussion about this topic heating up all over the country.  What are your thoughts on the matter of The Black Marriage?

      No matter if you are single, married or divorced, click on this link, watch this weeks episode (parts 1 and 2) and share your thoughts:



      What are viewers already saying about the show?:

      "Great episode...very down to earth...no put ons...2 thumbs up!" from T.K., Bronx, NY

      "WOW!! GREAT JOB!" C.H., New York City, NY

      "You both did a great job acting natural and being yourselves.  The lesson learned here was "communcation is the key!!!", O.E. New York  City, NY

      "I LOVE IT!!!  you guys are adorable and hilarious!!!! I can't wait for more." ..."I LOVE YOU GUYS!! This put a smile on my face..."
      from Z.B., Washington, DC

      "Wonderful idea for a show!!!! You both look great" ..."This should be a really good compliment to Trina's upcoming book. Congrats on you all's new show." from D.W., Atlanta, GA

      "Ya'll better go! Pursue your dreams while blessing those around you. Great job you all. Keep on keeping on." from A.T, Richmond, VA

      "My husband and I enjoyed watching you and Erroll's video. We will be definitely watching as you put them out." from N.F., Hampton, VA

      "This is awesome...I'm so thrilled that you guys are doing this. I'll be passing this along...this is great!" from A.D., Richmond, VA

      "Congrats on your new venture! I love it. I thought you and Erroll were truly having fun...you both looked very natural and had a great sense of humor! Thought it was great and look forward to more episodes!" from R.G.

      "I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! LOVE IT!!! We really need this! I can't wait for more episodes, I can't wait for the book and the tour!!! Yes, I want to ride!!!!" from F.S.

      "I am so very much admiring the UNITY of your project, dreams and endeavors!! Go Team Trina & Erroll." from D.K.