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  • Sara Jones
    Dec 22, 2009





      Prosecutors must disclose obviously exculpatory evidence even absent a request from the defendant, and when Guyot interfered with a court order in an attempt to prevent the court ordered penal liability exam from potentially exonerating Pinkerton, and to suppress the question of Pinkertons liability from a court ordered mental examination is equivalent to the suppression of evidence, along with suppressing exculpatory evidence found on Pinkertons website, are grounds that disqualify him for immunity. See Brady v. Maryland373 U.S. at 87

      Prosecutor Guyot and members of the County of Kauai Prosecutors Office have a professional responsibility to divulge the evidence favorable to the Plaintiff, when they learned from Pinkerton's website and failed to allow that information to negate Pinkerton's guilt, regardless if the evidence implicated several Kauai Police Officers.

      Once again, no sanctions were ever brought against the Prosecutors Office or Guyot for with violating Rule 3.8(b) of the Hawaii Rules of Professional Conduct.

      Rule 3.8. of the Hawaii Rules of Professional Conduct: Performing the duty of the public prosecutor or other government lawyer. A public prosecutor or other government lawyer shall:

      (a) not institute or cause to be instituted criminal charges when [the prosecutor or government lawyer] knows or it is obvious that the charges are not supported by probable cause; and

      b) make timely disclosure to the defense of all evidence or information known to the prosecutor that tends to negate the guilt of the accused or mitigates the offense, and, in connection with sentencing, disclose to the defense all unprivileged mitigating information known to the prosecutor, except when the prosecutor is relieved of this responsibility by a protective order of the tribunal. [emphasis added]" [Pages 9,10,11 of http://www.kpinkerton.com/08-00222/11... ]

      Kauai Police Officer Gilbert V. Asuncion of Koloa, my neighbor of three blocks away, has repeatedly filed false charges that neither he nor other corrupt officers can prove.

      I recorded the mediation in which Officer Asuncion's' verbal statement discredits his first two investigations and most importantly his Temporary Restraining Order against me.

      The prosecution has reviewed this audio file and upon request of Kauai prosecutor Marc E. Guyot, Judge Trudy Senda issued my a Supreme Court Rule 5.1

      When Officer Gilbert Asuncion enlisted the help of Sgt. Richard Rosa, Sgt Nelson Agni, Officer Okamoto and Officer Gabriel to cover up the crimes and police misconduct on behalf of Officer Gilbert V. Asuncion at a SCHOOL FUNCTION on SCHOOL PROPERTY, this act became "CONSPIRACY TO INTERFERE WITH CIVIL RIGHTS" and "CONSPIRACY TO DEPRIVE CIVIL RIGHTS".

      Officer Gilbert V. Asuncion, 5/10/1970. I wish this video to help him to see that he is not above the LAW and he will be held responsible for his crimes.

      Sgt Richard Rosa: You are a liar as my phone records show. See you in court.

      Police Officers Okamoto and Gabriel: You are not at liberty to conspire against me either. You are not permitted to threaten to shoot ANYBODYS dogs, let alone mine. Unless you have a warrant or in "HOT PURSUIT", you cannot threaten to breach someone's property in order to unlawfully arrest someone at 02:30 am in order to shelter a fellow officer from liability for the crimes he committed against me while at a school function.

      I ask this question for the Prosecution: Why offer me a Global Plea Offer and then indict me because I refuse to sign and relinquish all my Constitutional Rights. Will these abuses of power never end? Why should I submit to your tyranny when all the proof I have shows the KPD officers implicated in my cases are the real criminals?

      It is for that reason alone that I created the video Stand My Ground can be found at this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QO2-AV...

      The evidence collection posted at http://www.kpinkerton.com reaches beyond the 12 jurors sitting on my case.

      In closing I must give all glory to JAH! Let God's true name be sanctified. Without Jehovah's guidance this would not be possible.