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875Last conspiracy charge in the SF 8 case dropped - Dec 3 court report

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  • Iolmisha@cs.com
    Dec 3 8:48 PM
      Last conspiracy charge in the SF 8 case dropped - Dec 3 court report
      Date: 12/3/2009 12:12:38 PM Pacific Standard Time
      From: cdhrsupport@...

      Last conspiracy charge in the SF 8 case dropped

      In court today, December 3, the prosecution dropped the conspiracy charge against Francisco (Cisco) Torres , citing lack of evidence. The defense has argued from the beginning that the conspiracy charges against the San Francisco 8 from 37 years ago had no validity because the statute of limitations passed long ago. The state's motion to dismiss this count two (conspiracy) tacitly acknowledges the defense arguments which had already led to dismissing the conspiracy charges against Richard O'Neal, Herman Bell, Hank Jones, Ray Boudreaux, Richard Brown, and Harold Taylor.

      Motion to dismiss: prejudicial delay

      The next court date is scheduled for January 7 (at 9:00 a.m. in Department 22) when the defense and prosecution will present to the court a joint statement of uncontested facts bearing on the defense motion to dismiss the remaining charge against Cisco (count one, murder) on the grounds of prejudicial delay. If there are contested facts that either side feels is pertinent to the determination of the motion to dismiss then the court on January 7 will decide whether to resolve the issues relative to the contested facts before, during or after the preliminary hearing.

      The Preliminary Hearing remains scheduled for February 18, 2010.

      Support Cisco, come to court January 7. Drop all charges!


      Please support these brothers by sending a donation. Make checks payable to CDHR/Agape and mail to the address below or donate on line:


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