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872Support courageous fighter against police murder - Juanita Young

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  • Sara Jones
    Nov 8, 2009
      Support courageous fighter against police murder - Juanita Young
      Date: 11/7/2009 8:37:27 AM Pacific Standard Time
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      To: tony@...

      NY October 22nd Coalition wrote this statement on Juanita Young. We are trying to get people to sign on in support.
      We think it could be extremely effective if families from other areas (and other types of people as well) signed on to this statement. Then we might try to get it as a full page ad in the Amsterdam News or other publications. The situation is pretty urgent, so circulate it and get signatories as best you can.

      People who want to sign on to the following statement, please go to:


      Statement from the NY October 22nd Coalition to Stop Police Brutality


      Soon after 6:00am on October 27th, five cops raided the house of Juanita Young, the mother of Malcolm Ferguson who was gunned down by a plainclothes cop in 2000. They threatened to break down her door, tried to climb in through her bathroom window, put a gun in Juanita’s face and took away her son, Buddy. The cops justified their outrageous and illegal behavior by citing a warrant, refusing to identify who or what the warrant was for. Later it was claimed that the warrant was for Buddy failing to appear in court for a Desk Appearance Ticket on October 13th, just two weeks earlier. This made it clear that it was both an unusually quick response and out of the ordinary violence for this offense.

      This is not the first time cops have run roughshod over the rights of Juanita and her family. Juanita Young has been an outspoken opponent of police brutality, fighting for justice not only for her son Malcolm, but for all victims of police brutality. This has made her a target of persistent persecution by the police:

      • June 2003: During an illegal eviction carried out by the NYPD, Juanita was arrested for trespassing in her own home. She was handcuffed and aggressively pushed out of her apartment and building, falling twice and injuring her arm. In October 2007, a Bronx civil jury determined that the arresting officer used excessive force in her arrest.
      • November 2005: After voicing her disapproval of a brutal arrest at a demonstration, Juanita was arrested after a commanding officer said, “Get her, too.” She was refused medical attention that she needed due to an asthma attack. Young was hospitalized for three days and faced criminal charges, but before the date of her arraignment, she received notice in the mail that the charges were dropped.
      • November 2006: Juanita was arrested after more than 8 cops entered her apartment during an ambulance call for her daughter. The cops jumped her, punched and kicked her. She was taken to the hospital, where she was handcuffed to the bed and tortured by police for four days, only to be handed a ticket on the last day an hour after a press conference about her attack took place. In October 2008, a Bronx jury acquitted Young of all charges.
      • August 2009: During a cookout in front of Juanita’s building, over a dozen cops broke down the front door, slammed her oldest son up behind the door, and beat him on the head. The cops also arrested her daughters. This was another attempt to intimidate Juanita Young – through striking out at her loved ones – in hopes of silencing this powerful voice against police brutality.

      All these attacks are outrageous, illegitimate and illegal. We say: HANDS OFF JUANITA YOUNG! The NYPD must stop this intimidation and harassment of Juanita and her family. Speaking out against police brutality is no crime. But targeting someone in retaliation for speaking out is illegal.

      From Juanita Young’s statement to supporters:

      “Not only have my rights been violated in the most blatant ways, but I feel physically and psychologically terrorized. I fear for my safety, my very life, and the lives of my children and grandchildren.” (October 29, 2009)

      We refuse to allow Juanita Young, this fighter against police brutality and injustice, to stand alone against this onslaught.

      We demand:
      1: The NYPD stop its persecution of Juanita Young!
      2: Bronx DA Robert Johnson investigate the role of the 43rd Precinct in this persecution.
      3: An investigation of the Warrant Squad and how they were charged, and how they went about, in serving the warrant at Juanita Young’s house on October 27th.