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How To Lose Weight During Vacation Holidays?

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  • Chris Chew
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      As a professional fitness personal trainer, people often ask
      me, "Hey Chris, I am going for a holiday vacation. Can you teach
      me how not to gain weight during my holidays?" or "I am going
      for my honeymoon and I always gain weight when I go on vacation,
      can you tell me how to lose holiday weight without spoiling my

      Actually the answer to holiday weight loss or preventive weight
      gain is very simple. Choose the holiday vacations with plenty of
      physical activities. Instead of going to the usual tourist sight
      seeing trips abroad, choose holiday activities that require you
      to burn calories and yet have fun. Yes, you can have a fun and
      lose weight on holiday vacations.

      Here are a few vacation holiday activities where you can have
      fun and yet keep your weight in check :-

      Holiday Cruise - Your first thought would probably be how you
      could possibly lose weight going on cruises? It may escape you
      that most vacation cruise ships have sports facilities built in.
      You find tennis courts to gyms with full equipments and fitness
      gym instructors to boot. Some may even conduct weight loss
      classes on board the cruise liners.

      If you care going on a honeymoon cruise, what better way is
      there to lose weight and keep fit with your beloved partner?

      Scuba diving - Have you ever noticed that most scuba diving
      instructors have well toned muscles and attractive bodies? This
      is because they scuba dive almost every day with novice divers
      sometimes up to 3 times a day including night dives.

      As a scuba diver and a former diving instructor myself, I know
      that the sport of scuba diving can be physically demanding for
      someone who is unfit and the activities during diving trips can
      burn plenty of calories. For instance, you need to lug your own
      scuba gear, climb up and down the boats with the heavy equipment
      and sometimes even swim against strong currents.

      On top of that, the tan you get from sun exposure gives you a
      healthy glow and muscle toning illusion. So you to want control
      your holiday weight gain? Then go scuba diving. If you are not a
      diver, then take up a course while on holiday.

      Winter Skiing - Skiing down mountain slopes require a lot of
      muscle work, coordination and flexibility. Can you imagine how
      many calories you can burn during your winter skiing vacation?

      Weight loss camps - Enroll yourself in a weight loss camps.
      These camps are usually situated on beautiful mountain resorts
      or in exotic beach resorts.

      Use your creative imagination to easily come out with more
      holiday vacation ideas that can help you lose weight or at least
      not gain holiday weight.

      About The Author: Chris Chew is the author of "Burn Fat Build
      Muscles Fast". More articles at http://www.sgfitness.com and

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