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5487a way to deal with infiltrators?

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  • Christopher Baker
    May 3, 2010
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      I saw an ad for this "swingers club" in one of the weeklies down here. I
      checked out their web site and happened to look at their membership
      application. Here is one part that I found very interesting:

      "3. Provision as to police officers and other agents. Player‘s
      understands that police have a duty to enforce laws and to investigate
      suspected violations of them, but that the U.S. Constitution and the
      laws of the State of Texas limit the rights of officers to do certain
      things without consent. I warrant that, if I am a police officer or
      government agent of any kind, I am present at any Player‘sevent only in
      my private, individual capacity. I also warrant that, if the foregoing
      statement should prove to be false, I am investigating any of the
      beneficiaries of Player‘s without disclosing my official capacity or
      purpose, and that my presence on any Player‘s premises,or those of its
      affiliates or members, is an entry into private premises without consent,
      in violation of the 4th Amendment to the U.S.Constitution. I further
      warrant that I am are here at the direction of my employers and am
      acting within the scope of my employment. (a) Therefore, I stipulate
      that an appropriate amount of liquidated damages for the illegal taking
      of evidence which results in legal process, civil or criminal, against
      any of the beneficiaries is five dollars times the number of residents
      in the county in which the violation occurred, which reflects a
      reasonable estimate of probable compensatory damages for loss of privacy,
      including humiliation, emotional distress, necessity to pay legal fees,
      loss of employment or advancement, and other injuries, the amount of
      which is uncertain. This amount shall be awarded to each beneficiary
      against whom civil or criminal process is brought, including execution
      of a search warrant. (B) If no process is executed but evidence is
      gathered, the amount shall be two and one half dollars times the number
      of county residents, abradable to each beneficiary named or described by
      the evidence; I acknowledge that Player‘s and all beneficiaries are
      affected to some degree by a violation of this subparagraph, consisting
      of a loss of privacy and a fear that unwarranted charges will someday be
      brought. A final award under this subparagraph shall not prevent a
      subsequent proceeding if charges are thereafter filed against a
      beneficiary, but the first award shall be an offset against the later

      In summary, it says that any police officer or agent must identify
      himself. If the mole gathers "evidence", then he will have to pay
      damages to anyone he harms.

      I naturally wonder if this would stand up in court. And it would
      obviously vary from state to state. Still, I think it is imperative that
      all political groups do something to protect themselves from moles and

      The original document is here:


      Chris Baker -- Austin, Texas
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