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5470Re: [FreeOhio] Fw: census law

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  • slsmps@yahoo.com
    Dec 15, 2009
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      Well, they aren't getting anything from me. I don't care what they say or how much they want to fine me. I'm really sick of the way everyone complains, but they just go along anyway. 10 years ago I told them how many people lived in our house. That is, constitutionally, all they get. But, since the only 2 things the enumeration is to be used for is to apportion a direct tax and determine how many reps are from each state, they don't need to know how many of us there are. When was the last time they apportioned a direct tax? When was the last time they altered the number of reps from any state? And, I really don't care what kind of constitutional authority they claim since they prove time and time again how little they actually understand that document.

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      To All:
      Here's an answer I received from Jeff Dickstein, attorney, re: the Census Survey.  Take great heed on what he writes.

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