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  • Christopher Baker
    Dec 16 12:16 PM
      Yesterday, 15 December, I went to Google and noticed a flag on the
      famous Google logo. "What is Google celebrating today?" I wondered.
      Sometimes, Google does celebrate some obscure things. This one had me

      The image is here:


      Google chose to celebrate the 150th birthday of the man who had created
      Esperanto. If you don't even know what Esperanto is, I won't be
      surprised. Basically, it's a constructed language invented by one
      visionary to help bring about world peace. Historically and culturally,
      it's even less significant than the languages of Middle Earth or the
      Klingon language.

      My question to Google is simply: Who cares?

      How sad that Google chose to celebrate this instead of our nation's Bill
      of Rights.

      Chris Baker -- Austin, Texas
      Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
      chris(at)chrisbaker(dot)net -- www.chrisbaker.net
      "When you stop growing, you start dying."
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