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Top Ten Ways to Reuse Flower Vases

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  • Sarah Simmons
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      Free-Reprint Article Written by: Sarah Simmons
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      Top Ten Ways to Reuse Flower Vases

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      Flowers are great gifts on birthdays, anniversaries and other
      special occasions, but what do you do with the vases once the
      flowers have died? Although it's always a good idea to keep a
      few vases around, after a while they can add up. Try these top
      ten ways to reuse your old flower containers!

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      Top Ten Ways to Reuse Flower Vases
      Copyright (c) 2009 Sarah Simmons

      Flowers are great gifts on birthdays, anniversaries and other
      special occasions, but what do you do with the vases once the
      flowers have died? Although it's always a good idea to keep a
      few vases around, after a while they can add up. Try these top
      ten ways to reuse your old flower containers!

      1. Design a Centerpiece

      You can reuse plain cylinder floral vases by filling them with
      something colorful. Oranges, lemons or limes make a great
      eye-catching summertime centerpiece, or fill a vase with
      pinecones and dried berries for a festive winter look.

      2. Create a Candleholder

      Wide-mouthed vases make lovely candleholders. Just fill the
      bottom half with items sturdy enough to hold-up a candle (stones,
      beads or coffee beans are also great ideas), then work the candle
      down into the container.

      3. Give a Gift

      Don't go to that next party empty handed! Fill a vase with
      relevant items (i.e. Christmas decorations, holiday themed candy
      such as candy corn for Halloween, or seashells for a beach party)
      for the host or hostess as a thank you.

      4. Make Bookends

      Decorate the exterior of your flower vase to match the area of
      the bookcase and fill the vase with something heavy, like sand or
      rocks, so it can be used as a bookend.

      5. Organize your Home

      Smaller flower vases are great for holding pens and pencils or
      loose change. In addition, empty vases are great for kitchen
      utensils. Have a square vase? Try using it to hold all your
      remote controls.

      6. Donate to a Good Cause

      Fill your old flower containers with dried or artificial flowers,
      and donate them to hospitals or retirement homes and help
      brighten someone else's day.

      7. Produce a Planter

      Try planting herbs or small flowers in a clear vase for a
      prettier alternative to plastic containers. Put rocks in the
      bottom third of the vase for drainage and fill the rest with
      soil. You can plant a variety of herbs for a kitchen window
      garden or small flowers to brighten up your office. The best part
      - you'll always know when your plants need watering!

      8. Showcase Something Special

      Have a special memento or souvenir from a recent vacation? Tall
      floral containers are a great way to call attention to smaller
      items that might otherwise get lost on bookcases. Cover it with
      the vase by itself, or add similar themed d�cor along with the
      keepsake for a more intricate display.

      9. Put Pastries on a Pedestal

      Wide based, wide mouthed vases make great cake stands! Just turn
      your vase upside down (or keep it right side up if the base is
      wider than the mouth), and secure a plate on top. These stands
      can be used to display special pies, cupcakes, cookies and more.

      10. Apply it to Art

      If all else fails, and you can't find any other uses for your
      flower vases, you can always break them up, and use the colored
      broken glass in mosaics or tile works.

      Receiving floral gifts is only half the fun when it comes to all
      the different ways you can reuse the vases. Remember: don't just
      throw away your old containers, keep it green and reuse them!

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