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And The Internet Went Boom!

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  • Michael K. Littles
    Title: And The Internet Went Boom! Author: Michael K. Littles Copyright: 2003Article Originally Written: October, 2003Article URL:
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      Title: And The Internet Went Boom!
      Author: Michael K. Littles
      Copyright: 2003

      Article Originally Written: October, 2003

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      And The Internet Went Boom!
      Copyright � 2003, Michael K. Littles
      Internet Thunder

      In a rush of super charged excitement the next great financial
      frontier known as the Dot.com phenomenon burst across America
      and spread itself throughout the globe. The promise of easy
      and flamboyant wealth lured fortune seekers to the domain of
      the World Wide Web in numbers unprecedented since the days of
      the California gold rush.

      Now fastforward to the present, and we find an old traditional
      wealth principle still holds true; being at the right place, at
      the right time is still a key ingredient for explosive success!
      And it can't be more true than in the vast world of Internet
      Marketing. But to be successful in the Dot.com scheme, you must
      also add an equally important factor to -- right time, right
      place which is; with the right tools and knowledge.

      Unlike other businesses innovations that burst on the scene and
      dominated the world for a limited period in time, the Internet
      keeps reinventing itself providing brand new opportunities to
      earn new fortunes over and over again. One merely has to be
      prepared to take advantage of these quoted "golden"
      opportunities as they surface because no sooner do they rise,
      they fall away as quickly giving way to the next brand new
      fortune maker!

      It is the wise Internet Marketing mind that realizes that in
      this volatile business arena, more so than in any other, that
      staying current on the latest technologies and innovations are
      not just important, but are critical to lasting success.

      As a rule, the world of Internet Marketing can change as fast
      as the weather and it's the marketer who can deliver the latest
      boom quicker and more conveniently than anyone else that will
      elevate themselves to the status of millionaire. But this will
      never happen for you if you're not current on the latest and
      greatest marketing tools/technologies! They are as important
      to creating Internet Wealth as sugar is to Kool-Aid.

      The Internet Is Still Going Boom! It's still creating millions
      of dollars for thousands of diligent hard working entrepreneurs
      that are focused on the time honored business concept: Give
      people what they want at a fair price, and make it simple and
      easy for them to acquire. This universal marketing principle
      keeps creating fortunes, especially over the Internet. Each
      new software, each new upgrade means another opportunity for
      another person to become the next Internet Success Story.

      All to often curiosity seekers come aboard following in the
      wake of the latest wave of success which brought them to this
      grand marketing arena. They spend months learning techniques
      that are next to obsolete by the time they master them.

      More often than not they find themselves losing more than what
      they've gained and clueless as to how they can duplicate what
      a newly made Internet Millionaire did just a year ago to gain
      wealth, marketing the exact same products and following the
      exact principles step by step, yet they themselves fail

      Far too often many of these fly-by-night, get-rich-quick
      marketers give-up without ever grasping the reality of how this
      Internet Marketing game is played. Those are the would-be
      marketers that shout; to any and everyone who will listen that
      the Dot.Com explosion is over.

      While those wise enough stay in the game, or smart enough to
      take more than one shot at success are able to formulate new
      strategies to fit the ever changing landscape of this ever
      growing phenomena of Dot.com marketing. Because of this they
      continue to make fortunes while 95% of marketers, come in, fail
      quickly, and go away forever.

      In short, the world of Internet Marketing is NOT for the lazy,
      and it's not for the curiosity seeker! However, earning money
      on the Internet is simple -- just ask anyone that is making
      money! Internet Marketing remains the most efficient and cost
      effective way to earn a profit ever devised.

      Commit to doing just two things and you'll keep yourself in
      position to take advantage on the day you look around to find
      yourself standing dead center of the right place, and at the
      right time and know this is your opportunity to become
      flamboyantly rich.

      #1. Stay current with the latest tools and technologies.

      #2. Keep an eye to the horizon and know what's coming next.

      The Internet Went Boom... And It Keeps Booming! Did you miss
      the last fortune maker? Never fear for now you know how
      Dot.Com fortunes are truly made and with the latest and
      greatest marketing tools at your disposal you can't help but
      to succeed. You are still at the right place and fortunate
      enough to be here at the right time, so get prepared NOW for
      what is coming NEXT.

      Keep an eye to the horizon... and BOOM!

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      And The Internet Went Boom! Written by Michael K. Littles.
      Committed to providing quality knowledge and tools for less.
      Contact email: mlittles2@...

      Posted: Thu Oct 23 19:28:42 EDT 2003

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