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Fat Burners: Why You Are Being Ripped-Off

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      Free-Reprint Article Written by: Johnny Lavot
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      Article Title:
      Fat Burners: Why You Are Being Ripped-Off

      Article Description:
      Fat burners have become very popular in today�s society,
      especially in America. It seems that everyone is looking for a
      "quick fix" to their problem...

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      Fat Burners: Why You Are Being Ripped-Off
      Copyright � 2005 Johnny Lavot
      Weight Loss Resources

      Fat burners have become very popular in today�s society,
      especially in America. It seems that everyone is looking for a
      "quick fix" to their problem�and that is why they turn to those
      "awesome" fat burners where you can just pop a pill and "lose 30
      pounds in 10 days!"

      However, do these fat burners actually work? Do they actually
      provide any benefits? Do the $40-$100 price tags justify any
      benefits that they may have? Here we will investigate some of the
      claims that they make such as

      -increased thermogenesis

      -decreased appetite

      -fat loss without exercising

      -increased energy

      However, before I go into any more detail about fat burners, you
      must understand two important concepts:

      Total Daily Energy Expenditure and The Law of Thermodynamics

      (don�t worry �they�re quite simple).

      Everyone has a set number known as "Total Daily Energy
      Expenditure" or TDEE for short. Your TDEE is how many calories
      your body uses per day to keep itself going. Pretty much
      everyone�s TDEE is different, and it changes everyday depending
      upon how much work your body does that day or if you gained more
      muscle mass, etc... This number can be affected by such things as
      how much muscle mass you have, genetics, what you do during the
      day, etc.

      You can get a rough estimate of you TDEE at

      Once you understand TDEE, there is another simple concept to
      understand. This concept is known as The First Law of
      Thermodynamics (don�t worry � our application of it is simple).
      This law states:

      1. If you eat less calories than your TDEE, you lose weight
      (this weight can be muscle or fat or a number of other
      things, but that�s for another article)

      2. If you eat more calories than your TDEE, you gain weight
      (once again, this can really be anything)

      3. If you eat the same amount of calories as your TDEE, your
      weight stays the same

      So, in order to lose fat, you must create some sort of calorie
      deficit between your TDEE and the number of calories you eat.
      However, the deficit cannot be too large � otherwise your body
      will go into starvation mode. For more information on this topic
      you can check out http://www.burn-the-fat-feed-the-muscle.com .

      The Fat Loss Claims of Fat Burners:

      --Increased Thermogenesis

      Thermogenesis is essentially a fancy word for TDEE. Saying that
      a product will increase thermogenesis is like saying it will
      increase your TDEE � which would mean that you burn more calories
      per day. Many of the products in these fat burner�s will increase
      your rate of calorie expenditure, but not by very much � the
      results are minimal.

      Here�s an example: A while back I saw an ad touting that their
      "green tea extract" increased thermogenesis by 4%. Sounds spiffy,
      eh? Now, let�s take a somewhat normal number for TDEE � 2000
      calories/day. 4% of 2000 would be 80 calories per day. If a pound
      of fat is 3500 calories, this means that you could get rid of an
      extra pound of fat about every 44 days by taking this supplement!

      This small deficit could be easily accomplished many other ways
      though. For instance, you could eat 10 less wheat thins for a
      day, replace soft drinks with water, or not add mayonnaise to
      your sandwich at lunch.

      Decreased Appetite

      When trying to diet (actually, just achieve a calorie deficit),
      many times people complain that their appetite is holding them
      back � therefore companies that produce fat burners like to claim
      that their product "reduces appetite".

      It�s true, many ingredients in products may reduce your appetite.
      But do you really need these special herbs or ingredients to do

      In my opinion, nature provides everything. Here are some

      1. Drink water. If you get some sort of craving for something,
      just drink some water. This will help to decrease your
      appetite by filling up your stomach, it�s natural, and you
      need water to function properly anyway.

      2. Eat fiber. You can either eat foods with fiber in them, like
      vegetables, or you can just buy some of that powdered fiber
      at the store (it actually doesn�t taste that bad), and take
      some with your meals. Fiber cannot be digested, so it will
      decrease the actual capacity for your stomach to hold food.
      Plus fiber pushes food through your digestive tract faster
      than normal. This can cause roughly 15%-20% of the food you
      eat to not be digested � resulting in a smaller amount of
      calories that your body actually digests. Fiber also provides
      too many other benefits to list here.

      3. Eat foods that are low in calories, but high in satiety.
      These are foods that have a low amount of calories per amount
      of food that you eat. For instance, a stomach full of jello
      contains less calories than a stomach full of peanut butter.

      Fat Loss Without Exercise

      It�s possible to lose some fat without exercising. However, when
      you do this, you�re setting yourself up for failure in the long
      run. Muscle is an integral part of permanent fat loss. When you
      cut calories without lifting weights or exercising, part of the
      weight you lose will be muscle as well as fat. When you add
      weight lifting/exercise to your routine, you essentially signal
      your body to keep your muscle. For more information on this topic
      of "weight loss and weight lifting", check out our free 7-day fat
      loss e-course. The second lesson involves the effects of weight
      lifting on fat. So, in essence, you can lose weight without
      exercising � but it�s kind of a waste of time.

      Increased Energy & Focus

      Many fat burner�s contain ingredients like caffeine or
      vinpocetine, which they claim to help increase your energy and
      focus. In many cases, some (a rare few might I add) of these
      compounds can and have been proven to do this � but (this is from
      personal experience) mostly by a minimal amount. Probably the
      best way to gain focus and energy is the way nature intended �
      through exercise. Ever gotten that endorphin high after a great
      workout? You�ll be surprised at how "high" you get and at how
      clearly you can think.

      Fat Loss & Water Loss

      Due to some of the ingredients in fat burners, they can make you
      lose weight � but not necessarily the correct type of weight.
      Some ingredients such as caffeine can be classified as mild
      diuretics. This can be deceiving, as the weight that you may have
      lost from the "fat" burning supplement may not be fat at all, it
      may just be water.

      So, all in all, fat burning supplements do provide some benefits
      � that is, if the ingredients actually DO support their claims.
      However, many times, even though they do provide benefits, the
      benefits are many times small compared to what can be
      accomplished through intelligent dieting and exercising. It is up
      to the buyer whether the price tags justify the benefits that
      these supplements may provide.

      Johnny Lavot is an avid weight-loss and fitness researcher.
      You can find tons more information on these topics at

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