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This Week's 'Free Promotion Tip of the Week' Column

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  • Timothy Ward
    **Attention Ezine Publishers** If you are looking for some extra content for your ezine, each week I am write a short column entitled Free Promotion Tip of
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2002
      **Attention Ezine Publishers**

      If you are looking for some extra content for
      your ezine, each week I am write a short column
      entitled 'Free Promotion Tip of the Week'. Each
      week this column will feature tips and advice on
      free promotion as well as links to some of the
      best no-cost promotional programs on the Web.

      I will send the column out to this and other
      lists each week or you can have it sent directly
      to you each week by going here:

      If you would like more information you can email
      me at mailto:TimothyWard@s...

      Here is this week's column:

      Free Promotion Tip of the Week
      More Tips For Free Ezine Ads
      by Timothy Ward

      A couple of weeks ago I listed 5 tips that could
      be used to improve the effectiveness of your free
      ezine ads. The response was so good that I decided
      to list 5 more tips this week. Enjoy...

      1. Thank The Publisher

      When you submit your free ad, be sure to thank the
      publisher for the free advertising. This kind gesture
      may get your ad placed before all the other free ads.

      2. Save Ads In Text Editor

      Keep a file of all your ads in a text editor like
      Notepad or Microsoft Word. This way you will
      always have them readily available.

      3. Submit Often

      Whenever you see an opportunity to submit a free ad,
      take it. Submit as often and as many ads as each
      ezine will allow.

      4. Keep Your Ads Tasteful

      Make sure that your ads are G-rated and are not
      offensive. Publishers are very concerned about
      their ezine's image and are quick to delete ads
      that they feel may harm it.

      5. Keep Stats

      Keep track of the results of each ad. Find out
      which ads work, and which don't. Reuse the ads
      that are effective, and discard the ones that are

      If you're looking for more information on free
      ezine ads you can visit:

      Free Ezine Advertising

      Free Ezine Ads

      If you have any questions regarding no-cost
      promotion online feel free to email me at

      copyright 2002
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      **Attention Ezine Publishers**
      Please feel free to use this column in your
      ezine each week. If you would like to have
      this column emailed to you weekly visit:

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