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  • Susan James
    Publishing Guidelines: This article may be freely published so long as the author s resource box, bylines, and copyright are included. TITLE: Facebook As A
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2009
      Publishing Guidelines: This article may be freely published so long
      as the author's resource box, bylines, and copyright are included.

      TITLE: Facebook As A Manifesting Tool
      AUTHOR: Susan James
      CONTACT: sjames@...
      COPYRIGHT: 2009 by Susan James/Vast Five. All rights reserved
      WORD COUNT: 1274 Including Resource Box
      FORMAT: This article is formatted to 60cpl.

      =============================== .
      Facebook As A Manifesting Tool
      (Manifesting Through The Back Door)
      (by Susan James)
      =============================== .

      There is very little that I have loved more than my search
      in understanding of how things 'really' work. IT probably
      searched for me, as much or more, than I have searched
      for IT. Meaning things work a lot differently and
      uniquely than what many of us are told., including many
      metaphysical-spiritual understandings. However, in
      defense of us all, new understandings will work to a
      degree, then we have to choose to go beyond that point.
      I have always chosen beyond. It's what I love.

      Which brings us to this essay on the use of Facebook as a
      manifesting tool. I am not a 'chatty' type. I don't visit
      online about the doings in my day. Do I enjoy the doings
      of others, however? Well, of course I do...we love little
      snippets into the lives of others. I usually put things in
      cyberspace, if I have something 'to bring to the table'. Its
      always been my approach, both business and personally.
      It's what makes us all different and interesting. We all
      choose to do things differently, because we are all
      different. It's a good thing.

      Enter the social networks. How can we use these networks
      and why bother, if we aren't going to be well, 'social'. It's
      how they are designed, unless we have something to
      promote along business lines..which as a writer-
      entrepreneur, I do. It's what I bring to the table. I love
      business and all of its dynamics almost as much as the
      love of how things work. However, even promoting ones
      business can be overwhelming to others, enter again,

      One famous novelist was quoted as saying: "God gives
      every bird his worm, but he DOES NOT throw it into the
      nest." Question: What if the 'opposite' of that is true?
      Answer: It is.

      We have a natural curiosity of how things work. How can
      we fix this or that? How can we create this or that, how'd
      they do that! Thousands, millions of books, articles,
      documentaries are based on 'how' things happen or can
      happen. How can we be better at us, so that we can have
      more fun, being us? Major industries from Publishing to
      Science, Medicine, Automotive, Engineering, and
      Architecture to Pharmaceuticals are all based and
      expanded upon the 'The How-To' fabric. How to get
      better at feeling better, living better and being better at us!
      We have a natural desire and hunger for 'better and more'.
      It's what moves us along. It's the undercurrent of desire
      running through humanity.

      What if we understood, that 'time' is a 'thing'. It has only
      2 directions. Forward and backwards. But what if we
      taught ourselves to operate outside of that perspective:
      Answer: We can.

      How great would it be, if we didn't have to wait for what
      we needed or wanted. What if we really knew we didn't
      have to wait. How much stress and strain would we rid
      ourselves of, if we knew we didn't need to wait for what
      we needed or wanted.

      Enter again Facebook. Using the "Farmville" Application
      as an example: We show up, we get coins. We hear the
      cha-ching of coins. We didn't have to do anything other
      than show up. What if it could really be like this? No toil
      and strain. We show up, we get cool stuff. Answer: It Is
      like this!

      People send us crops, just for fun. We send people crops
      and cows and bunnies, just for fun. We get more coins,
      just for fun. The harvest of any crops or animals can be
      anywhere from 4 hours to 4 days. All pretty colors and
      shapes, just for fun. All filled with bits of light energy and
      pieces of ourselves, just for fun.
      We get to build our own little or big farm in cyberspace.
      We get to build and add to our farms. We don't need to
      chat about it, the game does it for us. We are in our
      imagination as we are doing it. If we understand even the
      basics of imagination, we will know this is a great thing!
      We are putting our minds in the space of, "we don't have
      to do something to get something, and cool stuff shows

      It 'feels good' to play this game. It gets us use to having
      what we want, just for the fun of it, and without having to
      toil and strain over it. What if we could have our lives
      show up that way and live as we would choose, instead of
      how we are. Answer: We can.

      What if we reach the place where we no longer need to
      add the 'feeling good' to it, and just the thought of it,
      brings it to us...Answer: We can!

      How? Funny you should ask HOW? It's simple but not
      everyone will do it. Why? Because they don't know

      If they knew how, they would bypass all of the doing and
      actions that all of those HOW-to books tell them about.
      We don't need them to fulfill our desires. But until we
      expand to the place where we know how....we will
      continue to toil and strain even over the little things, when
      we don't need to. Some of us will keep slamming
      ourselves with man made laws and man made spiritual
      concepts that have had their way with us. But there is

      Want to know what it is like to get something for
      nothing? Play Farmville in Facebook, and that will give
      you a clue to your future, if you teach yourself HOW.

      If you play, as you play, begin asking yourself, could it
      really be like this, for me? Answer: Yes it Can!

      What do you have to be willing to do, to get to the place
      where you find you don't need to do stuff, in order to get

      Read and Write
      Read and Write, What?
      There are various phases depending on where you are as
      you begin. My suggestion is ask to be led to your 'next'.
      You will be led.

      If you are stuck for something to read, you can find many
      free things that would help you along your way, on my
      websites and blogs. If you are on my newsletter lists, go
      back and read the past issues, they are all on yahoogroups.
      There is information everywhere. Why is it everywhere?
      Because... "God gives every bird his worm and he DOES
      throw it into the nest!" (sj)

      Susan James (Copyright Susan James/Vast Five)
      ( http://www.susanjames.org )

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