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Take A Reality Check On Time

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    Please feel free to publish this article in your Newsletter or on your Website (with Resource Box included). I would appreciate receiving a copy of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2003
      Please feel free to publish this article in your
      Newsletter or on your Website (with Resource Box
      included). I would appreciate receiving a copy
      of the newsletter or URL to

      Article Title: Take A Reality Check On Time
      Author: Wendy Hearn
      Contact Author: wendy@...
      Web Address: http://www.Business-Personal-Coaching.com

      Take A Reality Check On Time

      You have more than enough time for the things you've
      chosen to focus on, haven't you? Perhaps your focus is
      on your personal life, your career, being a leader,
      developing your business or whatever is important to
      you. If your use of time doesn't reflect these
      focused activities, the route to achieving personal
      success will be a long one.

      Using time effectively is a simple process, yet I've
      found that often, the most basic actions steps aren't
      taken. I noticed this in myself recently while
      reading a book. As I skimmed the page, I decided this
      wasn't something I needed to read. I wanted to read
      something I knew nothing about, so I could learn about
      it. After all, I needed new information, not the same
      thing I'd heard many times before. Yet because I've
      been aware of being more focused and effective, a few
      of the words had obviously stuck in my mind and kept
      coming back to me over the next few days. The words
      were 'create a time-log.' I didn't really need to
      hear this because it's fairly basic stuff. I'm way
      past that! I thought I was clear on what my time was
      used for and that it was all productive. Wasn't it?
      Because it came into my mind a couple of times, I
      decided to give it a bit of space.

      A time log is simply a record of how you use your time.
      So armed with a piece of paper, I started to log my
      time and activities, partly to prove that I didn't
      need to do it. Although at first I forgot to log
      everything, as I persevered I soon got into the habit
      of it. Boy, was I in for a shock. I would have said
      that I knew how I spent my time and that it was all
      effective. I didn't waste much time and people often
      comment how much I manage to fit in. However I'd also
      become complacent and stopped looking for ways to
      improve and manage myself.

      When I'm working with clients, one of the areas we
      cover is how to get in touch with present reality.
      If you don't know specifically where you are now,
      it's harder to see what needs to be worked on and to
      plan future steps forward. The time log demonstrated
      to me that I was quite out of touch with the reality
      of what I spent my time on. As I continued with the
      time log, I could see a much clearer picture. Seeing
      it in black and white left me in a better position to
      make choices and changes. You're not able to make
      effective choices if you don't fully appreciate
      what's happening. Whereas I thought that some things
      took me 30 minutes to do, the reality was nearer 90.
      I was then free to choose whether these activities
      were the most effective use of my time. I was able
      to see what else could be delegated; especially the
      things I'd convinced myself took only a couple of
      minutes. The time log also gave me the opportunity
      to identify the times when I was inspired by my
      vision and taking action from there and the times
      when I wasn't. I could see clearly that these
      actions were more effective when I was inspired by
      my vision and this encouraged me to be with my
      vision more.

      Being aware of what you spend your time on is an
      ongoing process and with the speed of change that
      occurs now, it's something you need to keep a regular
      check on. And remember it's often the simple and
      basic things which we're not always implementing.
      What I want is for you to be clear about your present
      reality regarding your use of time.

      Wendy Hearn
      Personal and Professional Coach

      She works with business owners, professionals and executives to
      discover and unlock their own inspiration, to effortlessly take
      the actions required to have the success they desire.
      To receive Wendy's free newsletter, send an email to:

      Copyright 2003, Wendy Hearn. All rights reserved.
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