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Make Your Experiences Better

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  • Jan Tincher, Hypnotherapist
    Author - Jan Tincher mailto:jan@tameyourbrain.com Title of Article - *Make Your Experiences Better!* Word count = 400 words word-wrapped at 60 char.s per line.
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2001
      Author - Jan Tincher mailto:jan@...
      Title of Article - *Make Your Experiences Better!*
      Word count = 400 words word-wrapped at 60 char.s per line.
      This article may be freely distributed in its entirety with the
      Copyright and Resource Box included.

      Keywords: experiences, experience, Jan Tincher, visualize, visualization,

      Do you know how to take a good experience and make it better?
      Jan Tincher, Hypnotherapist, shows you how!

      Make Your Experiences Better!
      By Jan Tincher

      Do you know how to take a good experience and make it better?

      Look at the picture in your mind of what the good experience was.
      In other words, relive it in your mind.

      Now, when you've done that, look at how far away your picture is
      from you. Not the actual happening, but the picture you are

      Bring that picture closer. Make it brighter. Put movement in it if
      there wasn't any, and see if you like it better. Put sound in your
      picture. Adjust the volume until you really like it.

      Now, doesn't it seem as if the enjoyable experience was even better?

      Now, how can you use that knowledge?

      What about if you gave a presentation and you weren't happy with
      it? What kind of a memory is that? Not good. So, now, instead of
      looking at how bad it was, see how it *could have been.* When
      you have that memory to fall back on, it will make future
      presentations better.

      See yourself giving a presentation now. If you enhance your picture,
      you will feel much better about it. If you don't take the time and
      effort to enhance your picture, chances are, you're imagining how
      bad the next presentation will be, because of how bad it was. Now,
      that's the picture you see, and that's the picture your brain will be
      responding to. Right?

      Work with all your pictures. Make your memories good.

      Maybe some of you don't want to do that. Maybe you are saying
      to yourself, *I need to see the mistakes I'm learning from. I need
      to get real here.* Or whatever.

      All I'm saying is, you are always looking at your pictures. Believe
      it. If you don't take responsibility to change them for the better,
      you will be accepting the *worse.*

      Take responsibility for it. Doing that is the best measure of a
      person's power and maturity. No matter how terrible a situation
      is, you can represent it in a way that empowers you. Making a
      past experience into an empowering experience helps ensure that
      your future experiences will be better.

      In other words, represent the past in a good light so that your
      future has a chance to be good also. I think you can do it, and I
      look forward to hearing from you.

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      Copyright 2001, Jan Tincher, All Rights Reserved Worldwide


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