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Taylor Hicks Born In The Camellia State

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  • Wesley Berry. AAF
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      Free-Reprint Article Written by: Wesley Berry, AAF
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      Article Title:

      Taylor Hicks Born In The Camellia State

      Article Description:

      Just as American Idol Taylor Hicks beat out his fellow Idol
      contestants to become this year's American Idol, the Camellia
      beat out the goldenrod to become the state flower of Alabama,
      Hicks' home state.

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      Taylor Hicks Born In The Camellia State
      Copyright (c) 2006-2008 Wesley Berry, AAF
      Wesley Berry Flowers

      Just as American Idol Taylor Hicks beat out his fellow Idol
      contestants to become this year's American Idol, the Camellia
      beat out the goldenrod to become the state flower of Alabama,
      Hicks' home state.

      In 1927, the state of Alabama officially adopted the goldenrod as
      the state flower. It reigned in the position for many years until
      the Legislature replaced the goldenrod with the camellia. There
      are a few theories as to why this change occurred. Some say that
      the women of Alabama requested the change because they preferred
      the beautiful camellia to the goldenrod, which they considered a
      weed. Others say that the goldenrod was an allergy aggravator, so
      it wasn't an appropriate symbol of the state. However, the
      validity of this theory is in question since goldenrod pollen is
      often blamed for allergies when the real culprit is ragweed.
      Whatever the case, the camellia, an exotic flower native to Asia
      became the official state flower of Alabama in June of 1999.

      The camellia is found in its natural environment throughout
      eastern and southern Asia. It is an evergreen shrub that produces
      beautiful flowers in the fall and winter months. In America, they
      are typically grown in gardens from southeastern Virginia, into
      North and South Carolina, and down to Florida. They are also
      grown in the Gulf Coast regions as well as along the Pacific

      Camellias come in a number of varieties�Xsome say there are
      thousands of varieties while others say there are only a few
      hundred. The blooms are large and come in shades of pink, red,
      white, and yellow. Although the flowers are exquisite, many
      people love the camellia just as much for its foliage as for the
      blooms. The leaves are thick and serrated with a glossy sheen.

      Camellias can be grown either outdoors or inside. They can
      withstand cool temperatures, with some varieties able to endure
      temperatures as low as 10 degrees F. Although the plant itself
      may be able to handle the cold, the flowers won't fare as well.
      They may be damaged when the temperature dips below freezing. For
      that reason, they are best grown indoors if you don't live in
      the "camellia belt."

      Camellias prefer acidic soil and will not grow well in soil that
      is chalky or has a high calcium content. Additionally, they
      require a great deal of water and cannot endure drought. Their
      growing area should also be well drained.

      With a talent for catching the eye of the discerning gardener,
      it's not surprising that the camellia won out over the goldenrod
      as Alabama's state flower, just as Alabama's native son, Taylor
      Hicks, claimed victory over his competitors.

      Wesley Berry is member of the American Academy of Floriculture
      (AAF) and President of Wesley Berry Flowers, a successful
      multi-million dollar floral business that was established in
      1946. As a major sponsor of http://www.Local-Library.com and
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      on behalf of improving literacy. Visit Wesley Berry Flowers on
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