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  • Susan James
    Publishing Guidelines: This article may be freely published so long as the author s resource box, bylines, and copyright are included. TITLE: Asking
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      Publishing Guidelines: This article may be freely published so long
      as the author's resource box, bylines, and copyright are included.

      TITLE: Asking For Signs and Confirmation of Manifestation
      AUTHOR: Susan James
      CONTACT: sjames@...
      COPYRIGHT: 2007 by Susan James/Vast Five. All rights reserved
      WORD COUNT: 714 Including Resource Box
      FORMAT: This article is formatted to 60cpl.

      ======================================= .
      Asking For Signs and Confirmation of Manifestation
      (by Susan James)
      ======================================= .

      I remember back when I was first teaching myself to have things in
      my life the way I wanted them. And I very clearly remember usually
      being in some fear state of needing something to show up to get me
      out of some jam I was in.

      It usually had to do with money or some relationship thing, be it
      business or pleasure. (It's the same for all of us, is it not? Even me.)

      I HAD to believe this new level of information I was teaching myself
      worked. I had to, because I could see no other options. I wanted to
      know it worked, I needed for it to work, or my life was going to cave
      in somewhere, again. (So I thought)

      That's where most of us begin. Our personality has not yet begun a
      smooth blending with our higher aspects. Our personality wants to
      hold on to what it has known before, and that's the part we feel in our
      emotional body which then adds up to fear.

      So there we sit. There I sat. In my favorite chair. Looking across the
      room to the wall; talking, praying outloud for some sign that this that I
      was doing was going to bail me out of this jam I was in. I was calling
      on Guides/God/Angels/Cherubs, anything that I knew had any
      spiritual affiliation, I was calling them all in for help.

      Many of us do that anyway......however, if we are not *clear* and if
      we are not doing other mechanics to move us on to our answer, then
      we will be right back in that chair and praying to the wailing wall,
      over and over again.

      Even in the fear, I still did *the stuff*. The energy work. I got clear on
      what I wanted to happen. I knew how to get clear. I was good at that. I
      needed to know how to ask. I was good at that too. The catch was, I
      hadn't done it long enough to KNOW for sure that it would work.

      This is that moment where we ask for signs, for confirmation of
      something we need is in fact going to show up.

      But then there are those that tell us......*If you ask for a sign, then it
      means you are doubting, and if you are in doubt, then it won't come.*


      This creating on purpose stuff, using energy dynamics, means we can
      do what ever we want, as long as it works for us.

      Asking is Asking. There are different levels to asking. But bottom
      line, asking is about desire, and desire is sent to us from our higher
      aspects to get us to expand beyond what we think we know, and who
      we think we are, and what we think we are capable of.

      If we are considering seriously......and I do mean seriously teaching
      ourselves how to work with the invisible magic space that we are
      walking around in, then as we do, please be understanding of the fear
      that may show itself. Fear has it's job to do. It too is an entity seeking

      That thing we need to happen, can very well happen even tho we are
      in fear and doubt, as long as we are using the *mechanics* to get that
      thing we want.

      What we will find out, is that it can feel better than it does. We don't
      have to be feeling all of that panic and stress. That's one of the steps
      that these energy mechanics gets rid of.

      And doing that over and over again, (practice/applying), brings you to
      the place of your life being taken care of even before you get to it.!

      Some of you know exactly what I mean! (sj)

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