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Build Your Opt-In List FAST Using The Shocking Power of Human Desire!

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  • Grady Smith
    Feel free to use the following article however you like as long as the resource box remains attached. Thanks, Grady Smith ... How To Build Your Opt-In List
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      Feel free to use the following article however you like as long
      as the resource box remains attached.


      Grady Smith

      How To Build Your Opt-In List FAST
      Using The Shocking Power of Human Desire!
      By Grady Smith

      Yes, you can grow an opt-in list that reaches thousands in a very
      short time. I’ve done it, and now I want to show you how.

      First, think of how many prospects are seeing your offer to
      opt-in each day. Then figure how many of them are actually taking
      the steps to sign-up.

      What kind of a conversion are you getting?

      Using the technique I’m about to spell out for you I’ve been able
      to convert 97% of my visitors. So, with hits at about 3,000 since
      I started this list I’ve added about that many to a targeted
      email list.

      Also, I’ve created a way that works within this system so I’ve
      kept a pretty good retention number. Each mailing to this list is
      resulting in about a 2% dropout rate.

      So how can you build a list quickly?

      Step one is, don’t offer something for free that is widely
      available. I know... I can hear the groans now. But the reality
      is if it’s something that can be found elsewhere for free then
      it’s really not that valuable to every visitor.

      The secret is to create something of your own that’s completely
      unique or find something new and fresh. You want your offer
      available from only one place, and that’s by subscribing to your
      opt-in list. Of course, if you’re able to get a hold of a brand
      new ebook or report before it saturates the market, this works

      But creation of your free offer isn’t hard. In fact, I created
      this whole system in the span of a couple hours on a lazy Sunday.
      But the real trick when creating your free offer is to make it
      something that ranks high on the desirability scale.

      Your free offer (ebook or report) should be something that
      directly targets your visitors. For instance, if I was running a
      classified ad that promised to teach people how to make money
      online with opt-in lists when they click the link, then this
      short article could be used as my report.

      In fact, if you want to build an opt-in list using this article
      as the free offer (while it’s still fresh), I have a way for you
      to do that and I’ll explain in a moment.

      Now once you have your product it’s time to create a mini-sales
      letter for it.

      We both know that the right sales letter can work miracles. And
      even though we’re giving our report away for free, I think it’s
      important to really get the prospects hungry over your offer by
      using the human desire factor.

      The way to really get a prospect worked up is to present your
      free report or ebook as if it’s one they need to pay for. You
      want the prospect to think to themselves that they would yank out
      their credit card and start punching in numbers if you asked

      Then a simple link to sign up for the FREE report is all you
      need. If you’ve written a strong sales letter that gets the
      prospect pumped, you’re going to capture the majority of their
      email addresses.

      But how do you retain your subscribers?

      Keep providing them with fresh content. You can either write this
      yourself or use fresh articles from others as they’re produced.
      And I’ve even told my subscribers that, while they will receive a
      promotional offer here and there, they’re also guaranteed to get
      fresh content every week.

      Now here’s a FREE gift for you to actually try this system out:

      Visit http://cheap-copy.com/opt.html and you’ll see the sales
      letter I designed to promote this article and build an opt-in
      list fast. Feel free to use the letter and this article as your
      free report offer. Or, use what I’ve designed to generate ideas
      for your own offer.

      Grady Smith can explode your opt-in rate using clever strategies
      that work like little miracles. Stop by his website and be sure
      to ask for your FREE consultation where he’ll detail how he can
      improve your response with custom designed sales letters, ads,
      and autoresponders at a price you can afford. Click the link:
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