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Memorial Day 2015 Ride

Weather permitting, there'll be an Memorial Day ride leaving from Middletown Elementary School at 7:30 AM. The planned route can be found at
May 20

Re: TnW 5/19

Crash Sally Crash is my nemesisàno thanks. From: "Sheree and/or Justin jsforney@... [FrederickVelo]"
Phil Falconer (pfalcone)
May 19

Re: TnW 5/19

amen.. haven't been there in 5 years To: FrederickVelo@yahoogroups.com From: FrederickVelo@yahoogroups.com Date: Tue, 19 May 2015 12:19:43 -0700 Subject:
Sheree and/or Justin
May 19

Re: TnW 5/19

Good ole BikeSlam. Don't miss that race. I'd rather draw straws to throw my bike in a trash compactor while be drug across broken glass. Heal up Dennis.
May 19

TnW 5/19

Roll out at 6:00, temps 85 to 90, a bit windy again, 10 mph NW Several of us will not be riding tonight. Dennis went down hard at Bike Jam and will not be
May 19

Sunday Morning Ride (05/17)

Weather permitting, there'll be an early Sunday morning ride leaving at 8 AM from the Myersville Park & Ride https://goo.gl/maps/Ty31N. The Park & Ride is
May 15

TnW 5-12

Roll at 6:00, short course with possible detour? One lap warm up. Temps around 90 and windy, W 15 to 20 mph. Lets be a bit cautious today because of the windy
May 12

Re: Crash in 55+ Race at Bunny Hop

I was in front so didn't see it, but from what I know and from others that saw it, we started pretty fast and with the first turn a lot of different lines were
May 4

Crash in 55+ Race at Bunny Hop

Anyone have a first hand account of the crash in the 55 race at Bunny Hop yesterday. Lumpy/Dennis? TL
Tim Lung
May 4

Re: TnW 4/28

Thanks much, I will get back to you when I can On 05/04/15, dwayne@... [FrederickVelo] wrote: Hi Jim, I approved the
May 4

TnW 5/5

Roll out 6:00, one lap warm up. Short course until the end of the month, then long course. To avoid the fertilizer sniffing farmer-left onto sixes bridge as
May 4

Re: TnW 4/28

Hi Jim, I approved the requests for membership. I'm not sure why, but I'm not getting notified of the requests until right before they are to expire, at which
May 4

ISO: Curtis Southern

Shoot me an email off list. charshman1@... Chris
Apr 30

Re: TnW 4/28

Dwayne is the moderator, try signing in again. Dwayne if you get this maybe you can help me with the assistant password I lost mine, jimbo. Text me off list
James Long
Apr 28

Re: TnW 4/28

Someone responded to me previously but I forget who the moderator is for this group, so here I go again... Can we please get John Gay added to this list? I'll
Mike Lewis
Apr 28
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