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Saturday(02/06) Ride Looks like the temperatures for Saturday will moderate a bit so it's time to get outside. There's a ride leaving from Whittier Elementary School

Feb 6

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Sunday(01/18) morning ride Looks like the temps will moderate a bit on Sunday so there's a ride leaving Middletown Park https://goo.gl/maps/iY2Mg at 10:30 am for a 55ish mile

Jan 17

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MTB in the watershed...? I haven't been up in the watershed since before thanksgiving, but was thinking about riding up on Monday. How much hunting is going on up there now? Thoughts?

burt hoovis
Dec 21, 2014

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Fw4: .. http://www.g2l-unity.co.uk/yjepm/62230062.php?8504=ueynsko&9480=623004&ayvikgti=35608960 i'm finally starting to advance in life ____________________________

Dec 12, 2014

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"Kelley Acres" Speed Shop Winter Classes Registration for the Winter Session opens this Sunday at 7pm at "Kelley Acres" Speed Shop 2015 Winter CompuTrainer Classes Online Registration

Dec 5, 2014

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Re: Ride tomorrow - sure... I'll come on down justin To: Frederickvelo@yahoogroups.com From: FrederickVelo@yahoogroups.com Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2014 19:23:26 -0500 Subject:

Sheree and/or Justin
Nov 29, 2014

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Ride tomorrow - Ride tomorrow! 11:00 from 7th Street Starbucks - 40ish - post Turkey Day pace. Hope to see you there! Sent from my iPad

Doug M
Nov 28, 2014

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Saturday (11/22) Ride Kind of short notice, but if anyone's interested in an endurance-paced ride for about 3-3.5 hours, we'll be leaving from the Middletown Elementary School at 11

Nov 21, 2014

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Saturday(11/15) morning ride It'll be chilly, but there's a ride leaving from Middletown Elementary School https://goo.gl/maps/ktV96 at 9 am. Planned route can be found here

Nov 14, 2014

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Saturday(11/08) Ride Anyone interested in a ride Saturday(11/08) morning? We'll leave from Whittier Elementary School https://goo.gl/maps/1FMez at 9 AM. The planned route can be

Nov 6, 2014

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Tuesday nights winter home For anyone that may be interested a group usually gets together during the winter at the Riverside Technology park at the intersection of progress drive and

Nov 6, 2014

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Re: World's anyone? Yes there will be around 4 or 5 riding at 6:00 On 11/04/14, Sheree and/or Justin jsforney@... [FrederickVelo] wrote: Is

Nov 4, 2014

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World's anyone? Is anyone showing up and when? justin

Sheree and/or Justin
Nov 4, 2014

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Re: Saturday ride (10/25) I’ll ride up from Lovettsville and meet you all either at Middletown ES or somewhere after that. If I’m late getting to the ES, I’ll be riding the route

Phil Falconer (pfalcone)
Oct 24, 2014

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Re: Saturday ride (10/25) Yeah, that's what we'll be taking to get around the bridge closure on Burnside Bridge Road. On Oct 24, 2014 7:48 AM, "'Phil Falconer (pfalcone)'

John Blumenauer
Oct 24, 2014
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