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Re: Bike Doctor Hills Ride Starts tonight -

Thanks for the ride post. What are the particulars so others may know, pace, dropped riders left?, general size of group etc... Sent from my iPhone
James Long
Mar 25

Bike Doctor Hills Ride Starts tonight -

5:30 wheels roll every Wednesday from the Bike Doctor Shop - 23 miles tonight. Mt. Zion climb. Weather permitting - Sent from my iPad
Doug M
Mar 25

Re: tnw

Sorry for not posting tied up today at work , no fun! Sent from my iPhone
James Long
Mar 24

Re: tnw

I'm here now. Jim Johnson University of Maryland IBBR Director of Facilities and Lab Services Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphone ... From: "Sheree
James Charles Johnson
Mar 24


hey.. don't know the interest tonight... I'm heading to glade for 5:30.. don't know my intensity.. but just wanted to post up since I haven't seen anything
Sheree and/or Justin
Mar 24

Re: Tnw

Looks like a go this evening, slight chance of a pop up shower, check before heading over, a bit windy, roll out at 5:30 from Glade E, WRR course clockwise.
Mar 17


I plan on being ready to ride at 5:00 from Glade if anyone wants to put in a lap prior to 5:30. Justin
Sheree and/or Justin
Mar 17

Re: TnW 3/10

Thanks! No worries, I'll just keep john informed in the meantime. Mike Sent from my iPhone
Mike Lewis
Mar 11

Re: TnW 3/10

The only one is Dwayne, I use to have the moderator password but lost it, hopefully he will add him in soon Sent from my iPhone
James Long
Mar 10

Fwd: Fwd: [FrederickVelo] TnW 3/10

Hey folks, I am not sure who has the ability to add an email to this group. Can please add John Gay to the list? I have him CC'd on this email. Thanks! Mike
Mike Lewis
Mar 10

TnW 3/10

Well we finally got ride of the snow and cold now we have to deal with liquid precipitation. Looks like a wash out today. We will shoot for opening day ride
Mar 10

Re: TnW

Hey could you please add John Gay to the TnW group. I have him cc'd on this email. I'm looking forward to it starting back up. Thanks! Mike Sent from my
Mike Lewis
Mar 8


Opening day is this Tuesday the 3-10. Might have to change the name to Polar Ride? We roll at 5:30, riding the WRR course, clockwise. We will get in as many
Mar 3

Saturday(02/06) Ride

Looks like the temperatures for Saturday will moderate a bit so it's time to get outside. There's a ride leaving from Whittier Elementary School
Feb 6

Sunday(01/18) morning ride

Looks like the temps will moderate a bit on Sunday so there's a ride leaving Middletown Park https://goo.gl/maps/iY2Mg at 10:30 am for a 55ish mile
Jan 17
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