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RE: [FraDiavolo] Itri Origin

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  • Bill Capotosto
    Linda, The name I have for the person who did the research is Mr. Saccoccio Felice, Via Toscanini, 10 04020 - ITRI (LT) Italy.
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      The name I have for the person who did the research is


      Mr. Saccoccio Felice, Via Toscanini, 10  04020 - ITRI (LT) Italy.




      And for anyone who might be interested, the Paolo Capotosto whose birth certificate he found, and who wasn’t our Paolo, was the son of Luigi Capotosto and Maddalena Branca, born December 28th, 1876, in Itri.  We have a copy of it.




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      If you find that contact info for the researcher in Itri, please do post. 


      I think many of us here are probably never going to get to Itri & would to fill in some of the gaps caused by the short span of available records here in the US.


      Italian passport -


      From what my cousin told me, it's pretty involved.  I remember her telling me about one of the records form here in RI not having the Italian version of the name but the Americanized version and having to get the record officially amended to satisfy the requirements for the Italian passport. 


      Italian vital records must be certified copies and are accompained by another official form which is all in Italian so I'm not even sure what it is.   I'm also thinking we may have a problem with my grandmother's birth act because on the certified copies my cousin got, Soccoccio is spelled "SaCCCoccio"  with three "c's" in the first set of "c's" rather than just 2.


      All American documents have to be certified copies that are then apostilled.  Names have to all match the Italian records.


      And, you need a document or documents stating that the ancestor you're working from never renounced their Italian citizenship. 


      We have 2.  One from the State of RI Judicial Records Center stating no record of naturalizationwhich has been through the apostille process and another, "Certificate of Nonexistance of Records" issued by the US Citizenship & Immigration Services.   Here's the addy to send to for that: 

      US Citizenship & Immigration Services,  US Department of Homeland Security

      ATTN: Records Operations Branch  MS 2204, 1200 First Street NE, 2nd Floor, Washington, DC 20529-2204.


      My cousin is a bit further along in the process and she says that just when you think you've satisfied all the requirements, the Italian officials find something else not to their liking.  Part of the problem she's found is that it's someone different each time looking over everything and what was fine by official #1 may not be OK with the next official to look over your records & documents.


      Oh, goodie...I can hardly wait for the hoop jumping process to begin for me.  I'm letting the cuz trailblaze and soften'em up for me  ;D


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      I’ve seen a few of your posts here and there over the years and wondered if there might be a connection somewhere.  But I don’t have enough to keep up with the members of the Yahoo group.


      My brother Tom and I have been scrounging for info for a few years now, to the point of having enough to apply for dual Italian citizenship.  This is what we think we know.  My grandfather was Paolo Capotosto and my grandmother was Maria (Marietta) Paparello.  He was born on March 3rd, 1876, son of Salvatore Capotosto and Alessandra Manzo.  She was born September 9th, 1887, daughter of Francesco Paolo Paparello and Maria Rosaria Capotosto (unrelated).  We have since been able to obtain a copy of her birth certificate, but not his.  We have less reliable information putting his birth year as 1873 and hers as 1886.


      We first had someone in Itri search for Paolo’s birth record and he found one, but not the right one.  We have a copy of that as well.  But we were fortunate enough to find letters sent in 1905 from the municipal government in Itri confirming their birth records so that they could get married that year.  They lived in NYC, Avenue B, I believe, eventually moving to Woodhaven, Queens.


      We also have mention here and there of two cousins, one of whom fought in WWI in the US Army and one who fought in the Italian Army.  I can find more on them if it’s of any interest to you.


      I believe we may still have the contact info for the person who did the research in Itri also.


      Bill Capotosto



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      Hey Itrano's,

      With all the devastation Sandy has brought to the NY/NJ area, I hope it did not cause too much harm to you, your family or your friends. My family experienced varying degrees of property damage but thankfully no loss of life.

      I would like to start the conversation again and try to learn more about my family and Itri. Has anyone had any new breakthroughs in their lineage that may include my family name, Capotosto? Also has anyone had success researching the town of Itri's records, i.e. Birth, Marriage or Death certificates? You may have given me the answer in the past but as it has been a long time since I've written, yahoo cancelled me for inactivity, and all former email was deleted.

      Thank you for any help you can offer,

      Paul Capotosto

    • Bill Capotosto
      Paul, What I’ve sent is as far back as I know. I do have some (possibly inaccurate) notes about a first cousin of Maria Rosaria Capotosto Paparello, my
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        What I’ve sent is as far back as I know.  I do have some (possibly inaccurate) notes about a first cousin of Maria Rosaria Capotosto Paparello, my great-grandmother and wife of Francesco Paolo Paparello.  He was Paul Capotosto, husband of Mary Giovanne.  They had six children: Frank, Louis, Anthony, Mary, Helen, and Paul.  The notes say he cleaned and blocked men’s hats and did shoe repair and that he opened a shoe repair shop for his sons.


        I remember what struck me about one of your posts somewhere.  It was a reference to 4th Street in NYC.  I have addresses of 59 Avenue B and 246 E 4th Street for my grandparents, Paolo and Marietta.




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        Pleased to meet you.

        I hope you can excuse me, I have not been on this site in awhile, and am now trying to catch up myself.

        As to the Paolo you have posted, I may have more info on him. How far back have you searched on your tree?


        I will take another look into what I have to see where we may have a common ancestors.





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