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Re: [FraDiavolo] Valente & DeFazio familys from ELENA

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  • Sandra L. Mullen
    Where would I get a birth certificate for Assunta DeFazio and Gaetano Valente?? Thanks for the info it was great! I m doing this research for my nephew who s
    Message 1 of 8 , May 2, 2011
      Where would I get a birth certificate for Assunta DeFazio and Gaetano Valente?? Thanks for the info it was great! I'm doing this research for my nephew who's getting married and this is his wedding present.   Thanks again


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      Hi I saw your posting regarding "Elena". 

      I actually live in Itri and happen to know that "Elena" is an old town which nowadays has become included in the town of Gaeta.

      I found this on Wikipedia Italia which explains everything.  I have translated it into English for you.

      I hope this helps !!!  

      This is where we live:

      We have a Blog in which I regularly write about our life and adventures here in Italy.

      Also take a look at my SOUTH LAZIO WEBSITE which has lots of info and photos of this part of Italy:  http://southlazio.shapcott-family.com


      Porto Salvo, or the Borgo di Gaeta, is an important district of the town of Gaeta.

      The town grew up adjacent to the castle of Gaeta during the course of centuries, as a place of residence and employment of the population, who worked the land and sea.

      The cultivation of olives (Gaeta olives are indeed famous) was important to the local economy through export. In the nineteenth century on the territory of Gaeta 6,810 bushels were dedicated to this crop. Rope was also exported, produced by sorghum high quality typical of the area. The shipyards, which are present in many places, resulted in a merchant fleet in town for centuries, and also the export of boats. The production was in crisis when the demand for large wooden boats declined.

      Il Borgo di Gaeta, was separated from the St. Erasmus district, and by a Royal Decree of 15 March 1897, became an independent municipality. The push was given by liberal members: who sought autonomy from the ancient administration that remained from the Bourbon reign.

      The town of Elena was named in honor Princess Elena, the future Queen of Italy.
      By Royal Decree on 17 February 1927, after thirty years of division, following a major reorganization of the regional towns of Gaeta and Elena were united again under the name Gaeta.


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      I also have not heard of Elena, Italy and agree that a quick search leads you to Sant Elena.  This group is comprised of people researching their ancestors who came from Itri and Terracina and a few other surrounding towns.  I am from the Boston area and I do recognize the name Valente.  There were Valente's in Cambridge and also DeFazio's in Newton, though I do not know either families personally.   What specifically are you looking into?? 

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      Subject: [FraDiavolo] Valente & DeFazio familys from ELENA


      I'm not sure if I'm in the right place but here goes. I'm researching the Gaetano Raffalle Valente and Assunta Maria DeFazio, from ELENA, Italy to Boston, Massachusetts. Any one out there know this family???

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