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  • Linda Peloquin
    Hi Thibaut, Your English is not so bad.  Most all of it makes sense except the part about Her parents were Paolo MANZI....... .  I was not able to figure
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 6, 2008
      Hi Thibaut,

      Your English is not so bad.  Most all of it makes sense except the part about " Her parents were Paolo MANZI.......".  I was not able to figure out just who was the child of Paolo &  Theresa.
       My French is not too good.  I remember very little from when I studied French in high school so I will cheat and use a translation site.  I hope what ends up in the final form will be understandable to you.

      I looked in the on line archives for the local newspaper, The Providence Journal and chose articles that seemed like they might contain people related to your families.  Two of the articles are definitely your Manzi family.

      Since there is quite a bit, I will send the information to your email addy.

      Votre anglais n'est pas aussi mauvais.

      La plupart des tout le lui semble raisonnable excepté la partie au sujet du " ; Elle des parents étaient " de Paolo MANZI ....... ;. Je ne pouvais pas figurer dehors juste qui était l'enfant de Paolo et de Theresa.

      Mon Français n'est pas trop bon. Je me rappelle très peu de quand j'ai étudié le français dans le lycée ainsi je tricherai et emploierai un emplacement de traduction. J'espère que le quel finit vers le haut sous la forme finale soyez-compréhensible vous.

      J'ai regardé dans dessus la ligne archives pour le journal local, The Providence Journal et a choisi les articles qui ont semblé comme ils pourraient contenir des personnes liées à vos familles. Deux des articles sont certainement votre famille de Manzi. Puisqu'il y a tout à fait un peu, j'enverrai l'information au votre email addy.

      Linda in RI

      --- On Sat, 7/5/08, thibaut.farineau <thibaut.farineau@...> wrote:
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      Subject: [FraDiavolo] New Member Manzi
      To: FraDiavolo@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Saturday, July 5, 2008, 1:51 PM

      My firstname is Thibaut and i live in Paris (France).
      My grandfather Armando MANZI was born in Itri, 31 march 1922. I came
      live in France in 1950.
      Her parents were Paolo MANZI (from Guiseppe and Concetta MAGGIACOMO)
      born in 13 september 1891, and Theresa NOTARIANNI (from Antiono and
      Angela SCIAPPA).
      I know that some brother of Theresa NOTARIANNI are immigrate to USA.
      A brother of my grandfather, joseph Manzi came live in USA, Rode
      Island, Cranston, during 1962.
      I hoppe, i can find here some information about my family in Italy, in
      Usa or everywhere else.
      Any other Manzi, Notarianni, Maggiacomo of my family are here ?
      Excuse me for my English.

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