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San Michele Arcangelo (1761 to 1788) Baptism Records

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  • paul462815
    Hi Jason (and all members of the Fra Diavolo Group), We apolgise that it has been so long since we have been in contact, but we have been through a really
    Message 1 of 1 , May 26, 2008
      Hi Jason (and all members of the Fra Diavolo Group),

      We apolgise that it has been so long since we have been in contact,
      but we have been through a really rough period just lately. We hope
      you will understand.

      Just to remind you we are an English family now permanently living
      here in Itri, Italy.

      Louise's father was quite poorly, suffering from heart problems and
      kidney failure. We nursed him here at home in Itri, which included
      daily dialysis treatments, except for periods when he was admitted to
      hospital. Sadly his condition steadily deteriorated and he died here
      at "Tre Cancelle" at the end of March 2008. We are gradually coming
      to terms with losing him. Louise also lost her mother, here in
      Italy, 2 years ago.

      So now it is just the 2 of us.

      We have lots of work to catch up on, which we were unable to do
      whilst caring for Dad. We are busy trying to tidy up the olive grove
      (between 500 and 600 trees) but there is so much of it, we will have
      to do it in stages. We have 2 olive workers who are currently
      helping to teach Paul how to prune the trees to get them back into
      shape and hopefully back into full production.

      Plus we are busy with guests, this year we are doing quite well with
      bookings here at "Tre Cancelle"

      Currently we have some family staying with us, and yesterday we took
      them to Atina (Frosinone) to see the place where their Italian
      ancestors were born and to meet the family living there for the first
      time. Louise's grandparents left Atina in 1911 and settled
      in "Little Italy" in Clerkenwell, London.

      So yesterday was quite a day! There was also a procession as it was
      the feast of Corpus Domini and the cobble stone roads were decorated
      with carpets of flowers. Here in Itri there was also
      the "Infioriata".

      Well, regarding the Baptism records for the Itri Church of San
      Michele Arcangelo (1761 to 1788).

      As we have mentioned before, things in Italy more often than not move
      very slowly. Things cannot be rushed !!!

      This morning, one of our friends managed to organise an appointment
      to meet Don Mario at the church and talk to him about the above
      Baptism records.

      We told him about the Fra Diavolo Group on the internet, and that
      Jason Soccia had visited him in 2002.

      He showed us the ancient register which consists of several hundred
      pages. He said that we would have to talk to the present Parish
      Priest, Don Alfredo, about obtaining permission to take digital
      photos of the register. Don Mario is now retired, so it would
      definitely have to be approved by Don Alfredo and possibly other
      members of the clergy. Don Mario is well into his 80's and is rather
      frail, but seems to be a very kind man.

      We think it would be helpful if perhaps Jason Soccia or someone
      representing the Fra Diavolo Group were to personally write a letter
      to Don Alfredo, explaining about the Fra Diavolo Group and
      researching ancestors from Itri, and asking if it might be possible
      to digitally record this register.

      You would need to make clear the motive for doing this, explaining
      that it would be for no financial gain. I think you will need to
      tread carefully, and be very couteous and polite.

      If you are unable to write the letter in Italian, we can try to help
      you translate it. Then we will try to organise an appointment to see
      him and pass on your letter etc.

      Once again, we would be only to pleased to help with photographing
      the register, if it meets with Don Alfredo's approval.

      We are sorry that these things are not easy, and take time, but will
      try to help you as best we can.

      Patienza !!!

      Very best wishes

      Louise and Paul Shapcott

      "Tre Cancelle", 04020 Itri (LT) Italy

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