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Re: [FraDiavolo] Surnames: Cugliatta, Francesco, Cosenza, Sturzella, Catenago

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  • Judy Tuccinardi
    Sure- as soon as I get it all typed up. Love to share it. I also have the list of women who knew - the humorous note at the end of the memoradum (as he
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 25, 2006
      Sure- as soon as I get it all typed up. Love to share it. I also have the list of women who 'knew'- the humorous note at the end of the "memoradum" (as he called it) is that his conclusion is that "women cost too much money." I will also put it up on my website. Judy
      On Mar 24, 2006, at 8:14 AM, jbelia@... wrote:


         Could you foward me the bio ?


      Thank you,

      Joe Elia

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      From: Judy Tuccinardi <judytucci@...>

      Date: Thursday, March 23, 2006 7:54 pm

      Subject: [FraDiavolo] Surnames: Cugliatta, Francesco, Cosenza, Sturzella, Catenago

      > Hello- I am trying to figure out the tangled web of life that my 
      > husband's great grandfather lived in Germany, Italy and NYC. Wow! 
      > What a character! Anyway, I was wondering if any of the names
      > listed 
      > in the subject area are familiar to anyone in this group. I am not
      > even sure that they are in the Itri area. I have just read over
      > his 
      > bio, written in the first person, and these are the names that 
      > cropped up. The last name, Catenago, ties in with the Sileo part
      > of 
      > the family. The areas where he lived in Italy were: Rossano,
      > Musina, 
      > Potenza, Salerno, Cappucini (not sure if this is a town or what). 
      > Well, just thought I'd throw these names out (people and places)
      > to 
      > see if they ring a bell with anyone out there. This is information
      > I 
      > have had but just rediscovered! Judy
      > Judy Young Tuccinardi
      > Genealogy website:http://www.ourfamilynearandfar.net/genealogy
      > You can switch the language to German or Italian from my homepage.
      > It 
      > doesn’t translate everything but it may help those of you looking
      > at 
      > my site if English is not your primary language.
      > Sie können die Sprache zu deutschem oder zum Italiener von meinem 
      > homepage schalten. Es übersetzt nicht alles, aber es kann denen
      > von 
      > Ihnen helfen meinen Aufstellungsort betrachtend, wenn Englisch
      > nicht 
      > Ihre Primärsprache ist.
      > Potete commutare la lingua a tedesco o ad italiano dal mio
      > homepage. 
      > Non traduce tutto ma può aiutarvi quelli che guardate il mio luogo
      > se 
      > l'inglese non è la vostra lingua primaria.
      > Email: judytucci@...
      > Researching:
      > England & Ireland: Nash, Wells, Williams, Leader, Hadon, Timmins, 
      > Gadsden, Sherwood, Borbridge, Brownrigg, Nickson, Brass, Hatton, 
      > Marsden.
      > US: Young, Hayes, Masters, Meyer, Philipps, Cary, Buck.
      > Germany: Meyer, Philipps, Weiss, Sander, Bertsch, Reiff.
      > Italy: Tuccinardi, Notturno, Sileo, Corpolongo.
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      > embrace the life that is waiting for us. “  Joseph Campbell
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