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Re: [FraDiavolo] How can we best find connections between our families ?

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  • marie saccoccio
    Great idea!! I will try to get you the nfo next week. Marie Elena Saccoccio vince_sandrone wrote: I have been giving some
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 14, 2006
      Great idea!!  I will try to get you the nfo next week.  Marie Elena Saccoccio

      vince_sandrone <vince_sandrone@...> wrote:
      I have been giving some thought recently about how we as a group
      (numbering  over 30 at last count) can most efficiently find
      connections between our families.

      I find myself regularly scanning emails for surnames of interest to
      me and then ignoring them. Only to have to search back through the
      group's emails as I find another surname in my family.

      What I would like to propose is that I keep a  list of our direct
      ancestors available on the internet (with the removal of personal
      information on the living) for each of us to compare, print and refer
      to when needed as we discover a new branch of our families.

      This would stop people from having to go over old ground again and
      again and allow a quick pointer to people with common research
      interests. It would also encourage people to keep information about
      the reseach interests current. People tend to send an introductory
      email and not update it as information becomes available.

      I am proposing that people send me the list of their direct ancestors
      (preferably as a gedcom file - most genealogical software packages
      can export to gedcom files) with their email addresses.  I will
      produce a tree of this information and put it into the group webpage
      and distribute it to the group.

      The format is likely to be trees in a pdf file format so that people
      can print it out easily. This file is something that could be
      distributed and updated, say, every 6 months, and sent to new members
      when they join.

      What do people think ? Is the idea feasible ? Is a gedcom file a
      better alternative than pdf ?

      Vince Sandrone


      Marie Elena Saccoccio

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