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  • Joe
    Teresa, The key to copying the records with a digital camera is use NO flash and Hold the camera very steady, hold your breathe and slowly squeeze the
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      The key to copying the records with a digital camera is use NO flash and Hold the camera very steady, hold your breathe and slowly squeeze the button--don't come down hard on it, and finally-very important--hold down the shutter button a second more after you depress it. Most digital cameras have a shutter lag, meaning the shutter doesn't operate immediately (like a film camera): you press, the shutter waits a split second and then opens and closes and your picture is taken.
      You can retake them until you get it right.Believe me the digital camera is easier than the copy machine if you going to put these copies in your family tree on the computer and you have to as proof and support of the data you are entering.

      By the way my new and preferred (for you) email address is zicepo@.... I don't give this out to many people.

      Another thing; mark down the page number and the year of the document. This way if you have to go back to one it is much easier to find. Also, If you come across a difficult word ask me. An old timer told me the meaning a quite a few of them that you don't find in the dictionary.
      Good Luck
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      From: Teresa Fusco
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      Sent: Friday, August 12, 2005 2:26 PM
      Subject: [FraDiavolo] Re: FHC microfilm

      Hi Marie,

      I started going through the microfilm. I was surprised to find very
      few Fusco's, but there are many, MANY Saccoccio's. The births go up
      to 1865, so I will search for Angelo Soccoccio with a Ruggeri/io for
      mother. There are many Ruggeri's also. I've tried taking pictures
      but they only come out good on one machine. And that one machine is
      the only one that prints so it is a favorite at the center. The
      picture came out decent but a bit blurry. I need to play with it
      more. There are just SO many records on one roll. It will take a
      while to go through it all. Joe tried to warn me, didn't you Joe!
      But it is facincating to see these records that are over 100 years
      old. I've done well with learning to read the Italian. The
      handwriting at the time was very different. If I had not studied up
      a bit I never would have found Fusco. The s was written sort or like
      a j. Very different.

      Oh, and Joe, I guess you will get this too, I found Francesco
      Saverio Fusco's birth record. He was born December 6, 1853, and was
      baptised on the 7th. He married May 17, 1885. I found some siblings
      also. I don't have my papers here right now. I'll send you the info

      Take care everyone,

      --- In FraDiavolo@yahoogroups.com, marie saccoccio <saccocciom@y...>

      > I think Guiseppe would have been DOB around 1883; his father and
      brother I believe were both Angelo; so brother was around same DOB
      and father around 1860 but this is a real approximation; Francesca
      Saccoccio would be around 1860 for date of birth also. Further as
      far as I know Francesca and Angelo, my great grandparents died
      around 1904, simultaneously, in a carriage accident. that is all I
      have there as grandfather married my grandmother here in Boston and
      grandmother was from Terracina, not Itri. I do know that Ruggieri
      or Ruggierio may have been grandfather's mother's family name and
      grandfather had those relatives here in Rhode Island. I just have
      never been able to track the name Saccoccio in Itri though when I
      was in Terracina many people told me that Saccoccio is a well known
      name there and that family is in the oil business ( oil, as in
      olive, not fuel).
      > Angelo and Francesca had only two children - my grandfather,
      Guiseppe and Angelo. Angelo never emigrated to this country so he
      would have died presumably in Itri, or at least in Italy.

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