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  • danko111
    May 29 10:54 AM
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      Hi to everyone.I'm Sergio, a new member of your group.
      First of all: sorry for my english, I'm Italian and I'm living in
      I have red all your messages and I'm sure that I can help you to
      your research in Terracina.
      I'm the owner of a new web site in terracina: www.terracina.com
      Thi is a new web site and we are changing it in a week due to a new
      simple version with more speed and moore information.
      In this new version will be a section for a new project: terracina
      people in the world.
      I'm searching for people from Terracina that emigrates ( is correct
      the verb emigrate?) in Usa, Canada, Australia ecc ecc. I need
      information about the trip, the family , the job and the related in
      Terracina. Every family will stay in a page with text and photos.
      What you think about this?
      I need the two version, in English and in Italian, if you have
      problem with Italian, no problem because we have a good translation .
      I' hope to read you as soon as possible
      My name is Sergio Arienzo and I'm graduate from University of
      Cassino in Terracina and I'm friend of a lot of people with the last
      name of Masci, Percoco, Saccoccio and Saccoccia ( I' have now in my
      house a friend fromm Toronto, Agnes Saccoccia !!!)
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