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73searching for Agrestis in Fondi area

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  • middleeastmama
    May 4, 2005
      Hi Everyone,

      I'm searching for links to my Great-Grandfather,who came from Fondi
      a surrounding village. His name was Phillip (Fillipo) Agresti (born
      1881 or 1882) and he and his two brothers, Luigi and Michele
      to Syracuse, NY between 1907 and 1912, each person at a different
      time. Their three sisters, Rosa, Virginia, and Leporta (Esposita),
      stayed behind (I assume in the Fondi area). I just visited Italy in
      February and went to Itri and Fondi to look for Fillipo's birth
      certificate, but was unable to track it down. I know that he visited
      friends and/or relatives in Fondi back in the early sixties, but I
      have no idea who they were or if they still live in the area. I
      realize this e-mail to you is a long-shot, but if you have any advice
      on how I can get past this brick wall of finding exactly which town
      came from or finding lost relatives, it would be greatly
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