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605Re: [FraDiavolo] Now that we are talking of Surnames; any Sodi's out there??

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  • Linda Peloquin
    Nov 28, 2012
      Well, since most of our ancestors were peasants, they were probably looked down on, so I doubt too much care or time was taken in recording thier data much less insuring that it was accurate.  
      I just LOVED how "Peasant" was listed as an occupation on the ships manifest for all but about 4 adults.  Children and some of the 60-ish passengers had "N.P." for their occupation.  No idea what that might have been.  Non peasant by virture of age maybe??
      And there was, most likely, a language barrier, so whoever was creating the manifest probably looked at them and took a guess as to ages.   Or maybe had someone who sort of spoke Italian, don't forget there was no standard Italian - everyone spoke their own dialect, working with him and the age was the best guess from what that person heard and told the guy writing the entries on the manifest.
      My father's oldest sister is recorded on the ships manifest as being a male named Angelo rather than a girl named Angelina.  Maybe she was just a really ugly 2 yr old.  I really don't even remember what she looked like since I was just 9 yrs old when she died and that was *Classified* years ago now! 

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      Subject: [FraDiavolo] Now that we are talking of Surnames; any Sodi's out there??
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      Date: Wednesday, November 28, 2012, 9:11 AM

      My grandmother and her sisters (Amalia, Vincenza, Allesandrina, Lydia, ??) emigrated to Boston from Terracina.  They came about 1904.  Their surname was SODI.  We have never found that name listed to them at all.  I see her brother a few years later entered as Cesare Sodi.  I find "LODI" with first names very similar to grandmother and her sisters coming from Terracina. 
      Does anyone know of any Sodi's??  I did visit Sodi relatives in Terracina years ago and know that is their real name.  I suspect there was a scrivenor error on the ship manifests.  However, even using LODI, I still don't get them with the correct ages and dates of entry. 
      I have checked a bit on the Boston ships since it is possible that was their port of entry.   When the scrivenor writes Sodi, he uses a very elaborate S that can resemble and L also.    
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