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  • Domenic Livoli
    Mar 30, 2011



      I believe my great-great grandmother was Domenica Capotosto.  Greg Pezza has an extensive family tree and I just received this going back to middle 1800’s.


      It would be great to have you and your family at the feast in Cranston this coming July.


      I am not exactly sure what or who the catalyst was to send a lot of Itrani families to Cranston , but the church was built in the early 1900’s.  There is another church next door called St. Ann ’s and also the cemetery is St. Ann ’s.  The Italians did want their own place of worship and the church was built.  My grandmother came to Cranston during the war with 2 children, but my grandfather Paolo Pezza stayed and fought for Italy in WWI.  He came to Cranston after the war and joined my grandmother and they had my two uncles, Mike and Joe, whom are still living and my mother was the baby who passed away in 2009.


      It is fascinating.  They came for a better life.  Some went to France, some to New York , some to Canada .  Even you talk to some of the people that lived in Itri during WWII.  I had cousins from Canada who came to see us two years ago.  They left Itri after WWII and never went back.  They said they wanted to forget about that life and the horrors they saw during WWII.  Bombings so close.  A family of 5 people fleeing to shelters/caves in the mountains and living on one loaf of bread and small amounts of water for long periods of time until it was safe to try to go back to what was left of their homes.


      And then there are people that settled here after WWII and they and their families go back and forth all the time, enjoying a beautiful area, seeing family and friends. 


      I hope to get there someday to take that walk. 




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      I recently became aware of the many Italian families in RI, look forward to learning more about them and why so many Itrani decided to live there.


      I will speak more with cousin Greg, as I have seen Pezza in our tree going back a few generations.


      Fitting his Dad was born on St Josephs Day and named Joseph, Happy B-day to him





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