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  • Domenic Livoli
    Mar 19, 2011



      Check with my cousin Gregory Pezza.  He has an extensive family tree.  I think the Pezza family was related to the Capotosto family in some way not too far back.  There are many Capotosto’s in Cranston , RI .  He may have traced it.  Greg is on this group.  And actually, it’s his father’s birthday today.  Joseph Pezza, 87 years old.  Happy Birthday, Uncle Joe!!


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      Hi Paul,

      I checked my Iacueo tree and I don't have any Capotosto connections in there, but has anyone recommended the LDS microfilms to you? These are microfilms of birth, death, marriage and other records that are kept by the Mormon church and are available to the general public. All you need to do is visit a Mormon church in your area that participates in its Family Search program and for a nominal cost you can rent these microfilms, for viewing on their premises on their microfilm machines. At least that's the way it was 4 years ago when I did most of my research.

      The microfilms of Itri are extremely rich with information, and if you want to trace your roots back from the present to the Catasto era they are probably indispensable. There are 26 microfilm rolls covering Itri (at least as of 4 years ago), and it's a tedious process, but the rewards are priceless. I can tell you for a fact that you will find many Capotostos in there, as I remember seeing the name often during my research.

      I also have a copy of the Catasto, and I am also interested in having it translated, I just haven't had the time to do it to-date. If you find someone that can do it, please let me know if you are interested in sharing the cost of the translation.

      Otherwise, good luck with your research.


      --- In FraDiavolo@yahoogroups.com, "paul.capotosto" <paul.capotosto@...> wrote:

      > Dear Itrani Descendents,
      > I hope you are all well and that this group is still active in research
      and discussion on our common village of origin. As you can see I am a new member, quite late to the party it seems, but not too late I trust?
      > My name is Paul Capotosto, I reside in
      w:st="on">New York and have been told my family came from Itri. As a member of ancestry.com I have uncovered more than I ever expected on the history and lineage of the Capotosto name. It gave me many answers but also created many questions, and I sincerely anticipate that some of the members of this group can be of assistance.
      > I began sporadic research about 5 years ago through the Ellis
      Island website, and as time permitted I found more sites and uncovered quite a bit of material. I have to say it can seem overwhelming but I truly enjoy the discovery aspect.
      > So here is my question, do any of you have a connection to Raffaele
      Capotosto b.1845'ish married to Maria Antonia Di Fabrici (Fabrizio, Fabritius) in Itri, Sep 1866?
      > I have read that you may have the 1754 Catasta for Itri, sorry I did not
      learn of this group sooner or I would have joined you in the purchase, I just purchased a copy that I must translate; I did however locate about 10 Capotosto families there at the time. I can't seem to link them up to my family tree as of yet. But I believe the answer is out there and one day I will hopefully find it.
      > I would like to thank all of you in advance for any help you may offer and
      if I can help you please don't hesitate to ask.
      > Ciao,
      > Paul

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