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520Itrani Origins

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  • paul.capotosto
    Mar 14, 2011
      Dear Itrani Descendents,
      I hope you are all well and that this group is still active in research and discussion on our common village of origin. As you can see I am a new member, quite late to the party it seems, but not too late I trust?
      My name is Paul Capotosto, I reside in New York and have been told my family came from Itri. As a member of ancestry.com I have uncovered more than I ever expected on the history and lineage of the Capotosto name. It gave me many answers but also created many questions, and I sincerely anticipate that some of the members of this group can be of assistance.
      I began sporadic research about 5 years ago through the Ellis Island website, and as time permitted I found more sites and uncovered quite a bit of material. I have to say it can seem overwhelming but I truly enjoy the discovery aspect.

      So here is my question, do any of you have a connection to Raffaele Capotosto b.1845'ish married to Maria Antonia Di Fabrici (Fabrizio, Fabritius) in Itri, Sep 1866?

      I have read that you may have the 1754 Catasta for Itri, sorry I did not learn of this group sooner or I would have joined you in the purchase, I just purchased a copy that I must translate; I did however locate about 10 Capotosto families there at the time. I can't seem to link them up to my family tree as of yet. But I believe the answer is out there and one day I will hopefully find it.

      I would like to thank all of you in advance for any help you may offer and if I can help you please don't hesitate to ask.
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