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513Reminder about inappropriate posts

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  • FraDiavolo-owner@yahoogroups.com
    Mar 30, 2010
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      I am Vince Sandrone - I started and moderate the Fra Diavolo group. I have not been actively posting but I keep the group going in the background by approving new members/messages etc.

      The most common issue is when members forward a message to every-one in their email list including the Fra Diavolo group accidently.

      Please be careful when you forward email to your friends not to include the Fra Diavolo group unless it relates to the topics in the group.

      I try to keep the group relevant- I review all posts by new members until it is clear that they are not fakes set up to spam the group. I usually delete 5 spam a week - penis enlargement and Nigerian financial transactions may be of interest to some but it is not related to the purpose of the group :-)

      After a while I stop reviewing post from members and their post do not get reviewed by me. People are then responsible for their own actions.

      Vince Sandrone