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  • gcpezza@aol.com
    Feb 11 9:28 PM
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      I grew up across the street from Peter DeSimone on "A" Street in Knightsville. Knightville is wher all the Itrani settled. Next time I see one of his Sons I will ask.
      Greg Pezza

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      I am looking for a family named, DeSimone, from Itri.  The husband is named, Giuseppe, he is around the age of  66/67.  He has 2 daughters and a son.  Also, a wife who is still alive, I belive.  Back in the 70's they lived in the city of Cranston, but moved back to Itri around the late 70's.  Any idea's?
      thank you,

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      Hi Bonnie~

      There probably is a relation, but I have no idea what it is! :-)

      All I know of this leg of my family is the Giovanina (Jennie) DeSimone married Anthony Paparelli and they had 3 children in Italy. Their oldest daughter, Maria/Mary was my Great-Grandmother. They came to the US in 1911 and had a bunch more children here.

      On her Ellis Island record, Jennie listed her brother Raffielli (sp?) as her closest relative in Italy. I'm just beginning to dig deeper into my Itri roots...I've concentrated on the Sicilian part of my heritage until recently.

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      > Hi Stephanie -
      > I have a lot of information on Itri - my husband is a DiCrocco from there - we have a nephew who is a DeSimone of Itri - his family own the pizza place across from the commune (city hall). Any relation? Be happy to compare notes if you want!
      > Bonnie (valentinoswife)
      > http://valentinoswi fe.wordpress. com
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      > >
      > > I feel like an idiot, but it's 1:00 in the morning and I've been trapped inside from a snowstorm all week. So please forgive me. How do you search these posts? I've been doing some research on my Great-Great- Grandmother Giovanina DeSimone who was born in Itri and lived most of her life in Erie, PA. When I try to search posts for mentions of "DeSimone" I get no results, even though I can clearly see that the most recent post was from someone names DeSimone. What am I doing wrong? Also, is there a way to look at the posts I've made to this group in the past? I tried clicking on my username, but it just took me to some pseudo-facebook page. Grr.
      > >
      > > Thanks for your help! Maybe this will all make more sense in the morning.
      > >
      > > Stephanie
      > >

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