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488Ponticelli's of Gaeta

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  • Ponti
    Aug 28, 2009

      I'm new to the group, and I'm researching the Ponticelli name.

      My name is Ralph Ponticelli, and my great-great grand parents
      Antonio Ponticelli and Giovanna Amadio, were married in
      Avvocata, but there were at least three of their children that
      were born in Gaeta.

      Ponticelli has been spelled many ways. It was usually spelled
      Ponticelli, or with an "e", "o", or "a" at the end. There were some
      unusual spellings, Pinticelli, Ponticella, and Pinticello, and
      sometimes there was an "h" or a "d" thrown in the middle.

      I'm sure you've experienced the same. The way I look at it, it
      was up to the scribe who documented their name.

      I have the birth records of, what I believe to be the last three
      children born in Gaeta, and I thought it would be a good idea
      to send for a "Certificato dello Stato di Famiglia". I'm hoping
      this certificate would provide me with information on the entire

      Now after that verbose introduction, I was wondering if anyone
      has sent for this document? If you have what was the address
      and possibly the cost?

      And by the way, is anyone familiar with the name Ponticelli.


      Ralph Ponticelli