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463Hello and Happy to be back

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  • Louis J. Saccoccio
    Mar 24, 2009
      It has been some time since I have placed a message on this site. Life has been pretty hectic this past year or so.

      My name is Louis Saccoccio. I was born and raised in Cranston (Knightsville) Rhode Island (USA) where many immigrants from Itri settled in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. My grandparents, Michele Arcangelo Saccoccio and Arcangela Stamegna, came to the US in 1912. In the neighborhood of Knightsville the family names were (and still are for the most part) Saccoccio, Sinapi, Ruggieri,Pezza, Mancini,Cardi, Manzi, Matrulo, Maggiacomo, Ialongo, Agresti, etc, etc.
      As some of you may know, the Sinapi brothers own and operate "Bar Appia" in Itri. They lived in Knightsville for about 25 years and returned to Itri. Obviously they are fluent in English and are a great resource when you visit.

      Some of the names in my family tree include Felice Saccoccio born in Itri in 1849. His mother was Maria Saccoccio who was the daughter of Bambino Saccoccio and his wife Maria Schiapo. Other names that appear in the line of descent include my great grandmother Filomena Danella and others such as Loretta Picano, Marianna Tuccinardi,and Guiseppe Grossi - all born in Itri (mostly spouses of Saccoccio ancenstors.)
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