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  • kcmocap
    Dec 5, 2008
      my name is Bill Capotosto. I've corresponded with Linda in the past
      so she already knows how little I know. my parents and grandparents
      died long before we knew enough to ask them good questions. I'm going
      to owe my company half a day's vacation because I've spent it reading
      through your posts but they were too interesting not to keep going.

      my father's parents were from Itri, Paolo Capotosto (b. 03/01/1873)
      and Marie (Marietta) Paparello (b. 09/08/1886). his parents were
      Salvatore Capotosto and Alessandra Manzi (or Manzo). her parents were
      Francesco Paparello (b. c1854?) and Ma Rosaria Capotosto (b. c1868?).
      and there may be Ruggieres or Ruggieros in there somewhere, too.

      pleased to meet you all.

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