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  • thibaut.farineau
    Jul 5, 2008
      My firstname is Thibaut and i live in Paris (France).
      My grandfather Armando MANZI was born in Itri, 31 march 1922. I came
      live in France in 1950.
      Her parents were Paolo MANZI (from Guiseppe and Concetta MAGGIACOMO)
      born in 13 september 1891, and Theresa NOTARIANNI (from Antiono and
      Angela SCIAPPA).
      I know that some brother of Theresa NOTARIANNI are immigrate to USA.
      A brother of my grandfather, joseph Manzi came live in USA, Rode
      Island, Cranston, during 1962.
      I hoppe, i can find here some information about my family in Italy, in
      Usa or everywhere else.
      Any other Manzi, Notarianni, Maggiacomo of my family are here ?
      Excuse me for my English.
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