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407Re: [FraDiavolo] Re: The Sinapi Family ~ Maria Loreta

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  • Linda Peloquin
    Apr 17, 2008
      The Maria Loreta I listed was a SINAPI by birth so that's her maiden.  She was the wife of Benedetto FORNARO.

      Their marriage happened before the cutoff year of 1809.  Their son Francesc'antonio FORNARO, my line,  was born abt. 1798 calculated from his marriage act age.

      I've been trying to locate a birth act for Francesc'antonio via the processetti but with the Vault Alert on them I don't even know if they are still at the Warwick, RI FHC where I go & had them on indefinite loan since I've not had any time in the past few months that I could devote to going down there. 

      I'm also still searching the films for the death acts of Maria Loreta SINAPI hoping that she died after 1809 so I can learn who her parents were and possibly find them on the 1754 catasto.  

      I'm also looking for the death acts of her son  Francesc'antonio FORNARO and his wife Maria Tomasina DE or DI LUCA so I can calculate their birth years a bit closer in the event I can't find them in a processetti. 

      So far on this group of individuals - Benedetto FORNARO, wife Maria Loreta SINAPI; their son Francesc'antonio FORNARO, his wife Maria Tomasina DE / DI LUCA; and Maira Tomasina's parents Erasmantonio DI LUCA and his wife Magnifica SOPRANO --

      I have found -

      1. Death act for Benedetto d. 19 Aug 1832 b. abt. 1752

      2. Probable entry for Benedetto in the 1754 catasto  was found son to Antonio FORNARO, which was his father's name per death act, and Tecla  FARGIORGIO Unfortunately, his mother was given as Doredea FARGIORGIO in the death act and I've no way of proving if they are one in the same woman or which given name might be a mistake or if her name might have been a combination of the two names.   Additionally, Benedetto's birth year figured from his age on the death act would be 1752 but the Benedetto on the 1754 catasto has an age of 6 years which would put the birth year at 1748.  Again, I've no way of determining if the age on the death act is inaccurate and they are one in the same Benedetto or if Benedetto of the catasto died and the name was recycled to a new son born after 1754 and the death act age is incorrect.   Still looking for more records containing Benedetto or his parents to help figure it out.

      3. Death act for Erasmantonio DI LUCA d. 29 Aug 1825 b. abt. 1750 haven't located him on the catasto.  Erasmantonio's parents Giancinto DI LUCA and Anna CAPOBIANCO do not appear in the 1754 catasto so naturally, neither does he unless he is hidden somewhere in living with relatives.

      4. Death act for Magnifica SOPRANO, wife of Erasmantonio(above) d. 6 Sept 1831 b. abt. 1755, parents Pasquale & Angela Rosa ASSANJANTE

      5. Marriage act for Francesc'antonio FORNARO  to Maria Tomasina DE LUCA, 10 Feb 1823

      See any more "cousins"?  I'd be surprized if you didn't.


      "B. J. Di Crocco" <BonVal@...> wrote:
      We have several of those surnames intertwined in our family - DiCrocco - from Itri. Maria Capotosto b. 1817, m 3/13/1842 to Vincenzo Pannozzo - his father Domenico b. 1780 & mother Olimpia Antonucci. Also Maria C. Manzo b. 1795 m. 12/06/1819 Salvatore DiCrocco b.1802. And I have record of a Maria Loreta surname Zuena b, 5/30/1846 mother Lucia Sinape. father Domeniantonio Zuena, Maybe some links for you?

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